Shenmue 3 Bell Tower Puzzle ‘Token Locations Guide

Just like the previous games in the franchise, Shenmue 3 has many different puzzles that you will need to complete in order to progress the story. One of them is the puzzle at Bell Tower. In this Shenmue 3 Bell Tower Puzzle ‘Token Locations Guide, we will explain how to complete this Bell Tower puzzle!

Shenmue 3 Bell Tower Puzzle ‘Token Locations

At one point in the story, you’ll come across Elder Yeh, who has some information about the Verdant Bridge. To get the information, you’ll need to complete a certain challenge involving locating six tokens within her house and climbing the bell tower.

Token Locations

1st Token: This token is present in the sliding cabinet which is located right across Elder Yeh’s sitting location.

2nd Token: To find this token, look for the shelf behind the sliding cabinet. Hold the L2 button and push it, you’ll come across the second token.

3rd Token: For this token, you will have to move the furniture and spot a gap and make your way into the gap. You will see a cabinet with glass on your right-hand side. Token three is right inside.

4th Token: After finding the third token, look towards the left of the cabinet and you will see a shelving unit. The fourth token is present inside the third drawer.

5th Token: On the left side, move to the cabinets at the bottom. Look inside the small drawer to find the fifth token.

6th Token: To find the final token, look on the sliding door on the left. Open it to find the sixth and final token.

Bell Tower Puzzle

After collecting all of the tokens, go to bed and rest. Next morning, make your way to the bell tower. (You won’t be able to make your way back, so finish everything at Bailu village before heading here) After reaching the tower, climb up. You will see six pillars and each of them will be having a symbol on them. To progress, you will need to match up each of the tokens with the symbols that represent opposites.

For your ease, we have listed the combinations below:

  • On the shield pillar – use the sword token
  • On the sun pillar – use the moon token
  • On the steamed buns pillar – use the wine token
  • On the open palm pillar – use the fist token
  • On the Phoenix pillar – use the Dragon token
  • On the turtle pillar – use the crane token

After placing all the tokens, head upstairs where you will have to insert a combination into the centerpiece. Here’s the order you’ll want to turn in: Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left.(Use left=circle and right=square on PlayStation 4.)

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