Share Factory Studio Edits Videos In 4K HDR On PS5

Share Factory Studio is coming to PS5 as a next-generation successor of the popular SHAREfactory video editing application on PS4.

Share Factory Studio is coming to PlayStation 5 as a next-generation successor of the popular SHAREfactory video editing application on PlayStation 4.

According to a listing found on the newly updated PlayStation Store earlier today, Share Factory Studio includes 4K HDR support “to create and edit professional looking videos” on PS5. The new version also adds stickers, text, sound and camera effects, filters, and more “to create dazzling videos” that can be shared directly with friends and family members on PlayStation Network, or uploaded directly to social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Share Factory Studio furthermore allows users to import their own videos, images, music, and effects from a USB storage device. These can be then customized through either the video or photo editor on PS5, which is a big jump from SHAREfactory on PS4 where users were stuck with a limited suite of modifications.

Share Factory Studio promises to be an enhanced video editing application on PS5 so that users and content creators do not have to move over to a PC for their editing needs. The new version may as well tie up with the new Create button on the DualSense wireless controller. Sony Interactive Entertainment previously stated that the new Create button allows users on PS5 to immediately capture, edit, and share footage or screenshots without any hurdles. Tapping the button to load up Share Factory Studio would hence not be surprising.

Just remember that 4K captured-footage with HDR colors requires a lot of storage space. PlayStation 5, as recently reported, reserves about 20 percent of its total storage space for its operating system. That leaves around 664GB for games. With triple-a games weighing nearly 100GB these days, make sure to note the remaining space before editing content.

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