Shank 2 Rebel Intel Collectibles Guide

Shank 2 has collectibles, but you don’t get any achievement or trophy for collecting all of them. If you want to complete the game 100%, you may want to find all the Shank 2 Rebel Intel pieces scattered in the game.

Shank 2 Rebel Intel Collectibles

Note. These collectibles aren’t in a set format as they appear in the game; instead, we have compiled them as they appear in the Rebel Intel section of the main menu.

1st ROW

Razors Bio
Location. It’s on the main path, next to the grenades and the health pack. – The Dark Road Home

Militia News Article
Location. Once you learn to counter-kill people, you will climb up a ladder. Follow the path but don’t cross the beam and drop down between the buildings. – The Dark Road Home

Magnus’ Rise
Location. When you’ll enter the second building, you will see a stair-case. Go right instead of climbing up and follow the path. – Through the Fire

Primo’s Bio
Location. When you meet the lone propane tank enemy, drop down the next ledge. – The Dark Road Home

Corina’s Bio
Location. You will use the TV as a heavy weapon once you fight inside the ship, later – you will climb a ladder. Follow the path towards the left side to exit the ship and collect the item. – Human Cargo

Location. The first time you meet the big enemy equipped with a shovel, search behind the crates. – Through The Fire


Elena’s Bio
Location. When you’re done fighting the large enemy, the floor will fall down, and you’ll see a ladder going upwards. Simply jump towards the right side where the Intel is. – Through the Fire

Missing Person
Location. This collectible is above the zip line which you will have to go through after climbing a couple of ladders, simply jump to catch it. – Dirty Docks

Inferno’s Bio
Location. When you crash into a window, you will get inside a building which has this collectible on the lowest of the three floors. – Through The Fire

Headquarters Plans
Location. The room which you get to after the large sleeping enemy has a ladder. Climb upwards and jump to the left, you will find the collectible at the top. – Dirty Rocks

Weapon Case
Location. You will climb a ladder after using the cargo container to crush the enemies; there is a container which will take you to the crane boss, make sure you go through it but not over it, and this collectible will be yours. – Dirty Rocks

Missing Person
Location. When you reach to the hostage surrounded by enemies (following Roesella, cave) simply jump over the gap onto the right side and don’t drop down. – Lost in Ruins

Rebel Intel – ROW 3

Party Flyer
Location. The temple which has bombs hanging onto the top, go to its lowest floor and clear out the area from the enemies. You will see the Intel on the extreme right. – Lost in Ruins

Missing Person
Location. Keep going upwards the ladder and not to the right side when you get out of the cave. – Rumble in the Jungle

Roselle’s Bio
Location. Once you’ve fought of the large enemy who’s equipped with an axe and a couple of boards, move towards the right side and cross the platforms to find this. – Lost in Ruins

Location. You will get to an area which has a couple of small guys and a large spear enemy, and three explosives as well. Simply go to the bottom of the area and search. – Rumble in the jungle

Fake History
Location. Climb the scaffolding and then the ladder on the left side, it’s after you fight a pack of wolves. – Rumble in the Jungle

Tanker Info
Location. Once you’re in the interior of the ship, and activate the program for opening the ceiling. Follow the ladder upwards and take a right for exiting the ship and finding the collectible. Human Cargo


Cyclops Bio
Location. When you get to the lifeboats which are to be used as traps, those traps will have a ladder next to them. Climb up and grab the collectible. – Human Cargo

Resort History
Location. Cross the beam after you go through the set of stairs that comes after the first fight, break through the window and collect. – The Last Resort

Anatomy Diagrams
Location. Keep your eyes looking for a sign which says, “SHOWERS” while you’re crossing a stair-case. Move into the pointed direction and find in the showers. – The Last Resort

Doctor’s Bio
Location. The elevator (1st) will tell you about the three floors, your objective is on the second one but the Intel is on the third one. – THE LAST RESORT

Rocket Specs
Location. Go downwards from the ladder and not above the ramp when you slide down the zip line (it comes slightly after fighting the wrecking ball-trap). Keep following the path and when you reach to the ground floor, take the path towards the extreme right and search all the crates. – DECONSTRUCTION

Magnus’ Bio
Location. You will see this when you’re fighting the rocket turret boss, kill it and then the bunch of fat enemies. Once you get rid of them, simply climb the next ladder and take a left. – DECONSTRUCTION

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