Shadows of the Damned Weapons and Items Guide

Shadows of the Damned features teeth spitting, skull blasting, and bone-shattering weapons which are a necessary evil to survive in the Underworld. Find which weapons suits you the best in your quest against demons, along with the items you need the most, to survive in the underworld with the help of this Shadows of the Damned Weapons and Items guide.

Note. Don’t forget to find all the Red Gems in Shadows of the Damned, read our guide if you face any difficulty finding them.

Shadows of the Damned Weapons and Items

All the arsenal at your disposal to blast the demons in Shadows of the Damned.

It’s a semi-automatic pistol with bullets replaced by bones. Considerable damage and high rate of fire makes it a reliable weapon in difficult situations.

The Hot Boner
Hot Boner is the enhanced version of the Boner, fires much faster, and damages is increased. It also is equipped with a secondary shot, that is a sticky explosive, which can be detonated with a regular shot after fired on any enemy or object. You can use it against demons as well as to blow objects.

Big Boner
Big Boner packs a huge punch to demons and can take large demons in a single shot. Requires both hands to handle, Big Boner comes with unlimited ammunition, and fires like a double barreled shotgun.

Teether is standard tooth firing weapon. has High rate of fire similar to sub-machine gun, takes teeth for ammunition, and can be handy against weak enemies. It is also a very useful weapon for crowd control though doesn’t really is impressive against more powerful demons.

Twice as fast as Teether, but less accurate. It sacrifices its accuracy over faster fire rate to make it an effective weapon when opposed by numbers. Similar to Teether, TeethGrinder also takes teeth as ammunition.

The Dentist
Its an efficient weapon fast and speedy demons. It’s lock-on automatic targeting system makes it easy to blow fast demons that are otherwise hard to kill. Fires fast, targets automatically, takes teeth as ammunition, and is called The Dentist. Perfect!

It’s a standard skull-buster gun in Shadow of the Damned, takes skulls as ammunition, and is effective weapon in short-range encounters. You can take enemies in a single shot in close range. It doesn’t have much range so keeping it for close encounters is the best you can do for this weapon. It doesn’t disappoint though.

Standard Skull firing weapon, which comes with a large clip as a necessary upgrade from Monocussioner. More damage, more ammunition, and has increased short-range efficiency. It takes skulls as ammunition and is a handy weapon in close-range encounters.

Skullfest 9000
Skullfest 9000 is a major upgrade over other Skull-buster weapons with an ability to fire four skulls at once. It has a large damage radius making it effective to deal with large groups of demons at once. It is similar to shotgun and takes skulls as ammunition.

Think Skullfest 9000 with an ability to combine the shots into a grenade and you will have Skullblaster. You can blast the enemies with these grenade shots or shoot them at core to solve the puzzles. It takes special ammunition, spiked skulls and is deadly for demons.

These are the gear items you would need the most in Shadows of the Damned if you don’t want to go suicidal on demons.

Sake gives a small health boost just when you need to replenish your health quickly.

Tequila is another health drink which gives health boost, replenishes your health by half.

It is the most powerful health item in Shadows of the Damned and replenishes the health in full.

You will find ammunition crates throughout the underworld. There are types of ammunition: bones, teeth, and skull. These are used in the corresponding weapon types.

White Gems
It’s the currency of the underworld. They can be found throughout the underworld in different crates, barrels, and demon corpses. You can purchase goods using these gems.

Red Gems
These gems upgrade your weapons capabilities. They can upgrade any attribute of your weapon. You can purchase them from the black market or find them throughout underworld.

Blue Gems
These are the most rare gems found in the Underworld. You can use them to give you new weapons and abilities by activating their power. You can activate their power by putting them in one of Johnson’s sockets.

These human hearts protect you against darkness. They provide you with a soul shield that protects you from any damage in darkness but have a limited time after which their effect vanishes.

Demons love strawberries and from time to time, you will be asked for these if you want to get past a passage guarded by a demon.

Baby demons love eyeballs and often demand these in exchange for a passage.

They are important if you want to open the baby demon gates since they would demand in exchange for passage.

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