Shadow of War Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Discussed

Shadow of War loot boxes microtransactions are a topic of concern for the community but Monolith is assuring a balanced experience.  According to the developer, loot boxes will allow them to expand Shadow of War.

Microtransactions, in the past few weeks, have been a topic of hot debate thanks to 2K Games’ NBA 2K18. The game featured a ridiculous VC system. It was a major cash grab which saw significant backlash from the community so forgive us for being a little on edge about the term.

However, Shadow of War loot boxes are very different and don’t impact gameplay. Monolith clarified by saying that players will be able to purchase additional Orcs to add to your team.

The big thing for us is when we sell the game, we [want it it] to be so much bigger and expansive than Shadow of Mordor,” de Plater said when asked of Shadow of War’s inclusion of loot boxes. “We want people to be playing this game for a long, long time. In addition to that, one of our key features is almost an infinite variety of Orcs and enemies you can create. The ability to go to a market and play with that system and purchase additional Orcs like that felt like a really good fit. You can do that with the currency in the game and the paid currency, gold, as well.

There are reports that DLC Orcs are one-time use only which means you would have to repurchase them. For now, this is unconfirmed. There is also a mobile game out that will give you a taste of Shadow of War.

Source: HollywoodReporter

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