Shadow of War Gameplay Shows How To Unlock Legendary Celebrimbor Armor

Continuing their series of live streams to showcase gameplay, Monolith Studios gave fans another look at Shadow of War gameplay recently. The latest live stream for the game focused on getting legendary gear, namely Celebrimbor’s Legendary Gear in Middle Earth Shadow of War.

It is funny seeing guides and walkthroughs for a game well before the release but given all the excitement and hype surrounding Celebrimbor’s unique looking armor from the E3 gameplay of Shadow of War, Monolith decided to give fans another look at the gear as well as guide them on how to get it once the game is released.

The Shadow of War gameplay stream also gave us another look at the gear system, a new addition to the franchise to complement the skills from Shadow of Mordor. Gear items come in different rarities and impact the gameplay by augmenting different abilities and providing stat bonuses.

In the case of the legendary armor set of Celebrimbor, there are two ways the gameplay style can change once players get their hands on it as mentioned by the Livestream description.

we will show you how to unlock Celebrimbor’s Legendary Gear. Shadow of War provides players with the opportunity to create their playstyle and we will show two of the gameplay styles that Celebrimbor’s Legendary Gear Set allows.

Middle Earth Shadow of War is currently expected to release on 10th of October for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A mobile tie-in game was also announced recently for iOS and Androids where players will encounter a number of characters from the game world.

Monolith also released a new developer video a few days ago, focusing on one of the major characters from the game, The Agonizer, voiced by Kumail Nanjiani as was revealed prior to SDCC. Following in the same vein as Ratbag and Bruz, The Agonizer seems like a “talker” and should lead to some interesting interactions between players and him.

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