Middle-earth: Shadow of War Seregost Walkthrough

In this Seregost walkthrough we will guide you through all the missions you will find in this region of Middle Earth Shadow of War.

The icy depths of Seregost, we believe, are some of the best action sequences in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. From a literal devil summoned from the depths of Hell, to a conjuring Necromancer; the area pits you against a number of challenges for you to overcome.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Seregost


The very first mission of Shadow of War starts off with you and the Bright Lord saving imprisoned Gondorians from the Orcs’ hold. A total of five soldiers need to be rescued.

  • A soldier is located near to where you start.
  • Another soldier can be found below the ramp.
  • The third soldier is located on top of a cliff.

Once you save the three soldiers, proceed to the cave, and after a brief cutscene, you will have to save five more Gondorian soldiers; as you fight your way through the Orcs and finally its Captain to free the final soldier.

Rewards: 900 Mirian, 7575 XP.


Eliminate or dominate the Caragor, after which two trolls will attempt to take you down alongside their Orc allies. Idril will be helping you in this fight.

Simply take out the Captain and a cutscene will start; and you will have completed this mission.

Rewards: 930 Mirian, 8675 XP

The Uninvited

Players need to poison Orc barrels in the area and you only need to poison 5. As you poison them, hide in the bush nearby and wait for the Orc Captain to arrive.

Confront the captain and defeat him along with other Orcs. As the caption dies a cutscene will play.

Rewards: 9780 XP, 930+500 (If bonus objective is completed), Gondorian Artifact

The Wages of War

For this mission, players need to rescue four soldiers in the area guarded by Orcs. As you rescue the third one, two Orc Captains will arrive in the area Gubu Skull-Splitter and Garl the Strong.

Both are vulnerable to ranged attacks and are easily stunned. Defeat the Captains alongside Baranor. Utilize the explosives around you to take care of the Captains effectively.

Rewards: 10625 XP, 960 Mirian

The Chosen

For this mission, you should have completed the Tower of Sorcery mission and should have claimed Haedir Towers in Seregost. As the mission starts, follow Eltariel to the camp and kill Orcs patrolling the area.

You can have Eltariel to stealth kill the targets while you go through the camp. Once these 9 Orcs are dead, move to the new waypoint.

After that, you will be in a small competition with Eltariel to kill more Orcs than the other. Killing more Orcs compared to Eltariel is an optional objective but, it won’t stop you from progressing. Once enough Orcs have died, you will find an Orc nearby to interrogate.

Get ready to face off against a group of Captains. They should be relatively easy to take care of with Eltariel’s skillset by your side.

Rewards: 8675 XP, 930+500 Mirian (If you complete the optional objective)

Frozen Flame

Follow Tar Goroth with your Wraith Ability to into a cave. As you enter the cave; things change as Tar Goroth will be chasing you and not the other way around.

To slow him down, players will need to shoot Ice picked on the ceiling. If you miss one then you might survive but, if you miss a few then you will be starting from the nearest checkpoint.

As Tar Goroth chases you, the chase will lead you outside and you will have to fight Tar Goroth.

At first, dodge his attacks and keep dodging as you won’t be able to damage him with regular attacks. After a brief while, you will find yourself assisted by Carman who has sent a drake to your assistance.

Use Frost breath to damage Tar Goroth then Fireblast and then ICE blast. Keep doing it until a prompt appears on his head and be ready for the QTE. Repeat the process without getting hit, and you’re golden.

Capture Seregost

For this mission, players need to capture Seregost Fort first, and must have completed Tower of Sorcery mission prior to starting the conquest. Despite the Nazgul will in the company of a lot of enemies, the fight is pretty straightforward.

Just dodge his attacks and stun him and deal some damage. When enough damage has been dealt to the Nazgul, he will mount a drake and will destroy the gate behind you.

Follow the waypoint, and Nazgul will be in the company of more of his companions. Shoot the explosive barrel nearby to thin those numbers a bit. While fighting the Nazgul, be evasive and less offensive, and utilize the barrels to take them out.

Eventually, a Troll will enter the fight, and there is a chance you can mount him and if you do, you will be able to wreak havoc and clear an area out very easily as it tanks all the damage for you and your allies.

When dealt enough damage, Nazgul will once again escape the area. Follow him again and repeat the process. Once it is down, dominate him and a cutscene will play.

The Scourge

Helm Hammerhand has come knocking at your door as he brings with him an army of Ghuls, Caragors and Graugs alongside him. Hold your defenses as you attempt to fight his forces off in this epic showdown between the Ringmaker and the Nazgul’s forces.

As you jump down, use the barrels to clear out the herd a bit. After fighting for a bit, a few drakes will show up and the Nazgul will teleport further into the keep. Head to the waypoint and use the barrels yet again to clear out the large group of enemies.

Helm Hammerhand will perform very damaging sweeping strikes with his hammer. Roll and dodge away from these until he stops swinging.

You can also mount different beasts, but I really found that to be less effective in terms of dealing damage; however, use that option if you find yourself low at health.

Hammerhand will start to summon a bunch of Ghuls by his side, take them out using Elven Light. Deal enough damage and you will be able to banish Hammerhand.

Rewards: 12165 XP, 980 Mirian

Fire and Fury

As the mission starts, players have to fight a Drake. Use your Bow’s charged shots to bring it down and then get close to it to do some melee damage. Once you have dealt enough damage, you will be able to dominate it.

After the Drake is done, follow Eltariel and you will have to fight two more Drakes. Repeat what you have done with the previous Drake and both will be dead eventually. Once the two drakes are done for, again follow Eltariel and you will face Helm Hammerhand.

This will be similar to your earlier fight with the Nazgul but, this time Helm Hammerhand will have a drake with him spitting fire and you will have Eltariel to fight alongside you. If she is down, revive her but be careful of the attacks coming at you.

Once you have dropped its health enough, two Drakes will appear and you have to deal with them while fighting with Helm Hammerhand. All you have to do is dodge and attack; eventually, he will be down and you will banish him.

After that three Orc Captains will arrive that you need to kill. Either kill them or dominate them, it’s your choice.

Rewards: 15950 XP, 1030 Mirian

A Sighting

Start the mission and follow Ratbag, he will lead you to a cave. Head inside and find Bruz. Get ready to escape the cave with a timer of 30 seconds.

Once you get out of the cave, take care of the group of Orcs (No Captains), and you will have completed ‘A Sighting’ in Seregost.

Rewards: 22,465 XP, 1060+200 Mirian (Upon completion of bonus objective)

Fire From Ice

Jump down to the marked location and start purifying the totems and fight off the Zog along with the large group of enemies. Summon allies prior to entering the fight.

While the Orcs distract everyone, try purifying the totems. Try not to give Zog too much attention if you haven’t gotten rid of the totems yet. Defeat Zog once the totems are down. Use Freeze Pin, and use your Spectral Glaive to deal damage to Zog and defeat him. Bring him down and the mission will be completed.

Rewards: 23935 XP, 1100 Mirian, Dragon Song Skill

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