Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Burning Forest Walkthrough

Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Burning Forest Walkthrough will help you with The Burning Forest mission in the act of the game and so that players can progress.

Shadow of War is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor and the game not only takes the best parts of its predecessor but also improves them and adds another level of complexity of the game’s Nemesis system.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Burning Forest

Till this point in the game, Talion has been purifying totems and killing Nazguls and the following mission will also see him purify more totems and protecting the Great Tree from the undead Orcs before they burn it to the ground.

After killing Isiildur, talion has to purify Necromancer’s totems as the undead orcs have been trying to burn down the forest along with The Great Tree itself and it is up to Talion to stop them.

As the missions begin, players are tasked to purify four of the Necromancer’s totems. Go to each waypoint and purify them but, be careful not to set yourself on fire.

There are four totems placed around the forest that you need to purify. Just follow the map navigations and purify each one by one. You will also face enemies near these totems so you may would want to clear the areas first.

Once all the four totems are purified, move back to the base of the great tree which will be marked on the map. Here, you will have to face a lot of troubles.

Firstly, there will be some undead enemies trying to burn the tree. Next, there will be torch bearers that are guarded by additional enemies and needs to be killed.

So just stay focused on killing these two main types of enemies and even when you face other enemies, don’t get distracted or else you may let the great tree get pretty harmed.

Once all the enemies trying to burn the Great Tree are killed, a cut-scene will be triggered.

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