Middle-earth: Shadow of War Worse Than Death Walkthrough

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Worse Than Death Walkthrough will help you with Worse Than Death, Reversal of Fortune mission in act 2 and you will also come face to face with Bruz where you will finally defeat him.

Shadow of War is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor and the game not only takes the best parts of its predecessor but also improves them and adds another level of complexity of the game’s Nemesis system.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Worse Than Death

Worse Than Death

After meeting Ratbag at the waypoint, follow him to Bruz’s camp and remember that you have to enter the camp without raising any alarm. Sneak into the camp and avoid detection and kill only if you have to. Now, make your way deep into the camp.

Eventually, you will come across a large group of enemies on patrol, however, you can’t attack them and your target is at the far back. Attacking them will only make things difficult for you as any one of your foes can trigger the alarm. Take the far left to avoid detection and use high ground to sneak around in order to avoid confrontation with enemy. As you get to the back side of the camp, a cutscene will play.

Follow Ranger to Bruz’s location and he will be standing in the company of some Orcs. Fight Bruz with Ranger at your side. The nearby explosives can help gain you an early advantage as you can use them to eliminate Orcs closer to them and damage Bruz.

Having done that, the fight with Bruz will go down the same way as before, dodge and stun him when prompted and then mount him. Once he is broken, dominate and shame him.

Reversal of Fortune

Meet up with Eltariel and have to disrupt the Ritual and free the prisoners. Sneak through the outside to free them and avoid the center as it is being patrolled by a Nazgul. Once the prisoners are free, engage the Nazgul and once you do Orcs along with captains will join the fight.

Dominate the captains if you can as they will be very helpful as Nazgul will not attack them and only focus on you. The fight with Nazgul will be the usual affair, dodge his attacks and stun when prompted. Defeat the Nazgul. After defeating him, you can capture Gorgoroth.

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