Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements Guide – How to 100% the Game, Platinum Guide

Trophies/Achievements are a part of games and something that the completionists love to do. Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements Guide will walk you through all of the Trophies/Achievements and everything you need to do in order to unlock them.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements

Our Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements Guide will tell you how to get all of the Trophies/Achievements in the game that are difficult to get.

Remember that in the latest Tomb Raider; the difficulty level actually affects the Trophy/Achievement that you get. You need to complete the game on the Deadly Obsession difficulty if you want to fully complete the game.

Of course, you can go through it once on a lower difficulty before attempting to complete the game on the hardest difficulty.

Chalice of Torment
Earn all of the other Trophies/Achievements in the game.

Dr. Croft
You need to find all Artifacts to complete this Trophy/Achievement.

Tomb Raider
You get this by completing all of the Challenge Tombs found in the main campaign of the game.

Chain Gang
Perform the Serpent’s Fury 3 times in order to complete this Trophy/Achievement. You can unlock this skill by first unlocking Serpent’s Strike and then Serpent’s Fury. To use it, press Triangle repeatedly.

Like a Shadow
Complete 25 Stealth Takedowns. You can perform this by sneaking up on an enemy and then pressing the Triangle button.

To the Nines
Restore and then equip a matching vestige outfit to get this Trophy/Achievement. You can get this outfit by going through Crypts which are a part of the Side Missions. Restore it at a campfire for a small fee and the Trophy/Achievement is yours.

Makeshift Arsenal
Completely upgrade the weapon using the Raposa’s Wit skill in order to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Thread the Past
Restore 5 vestige outfits to get this Trophy/Achievement. Remember that getting the Anole’s Needle skill will lower the price for restoring the outfits.

Good Samaritan
Complete 8 different Side Missions to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Perform 5 Eagle’s Talon Takedowns. This skill can be used when on tree branches by holding Triangle to fire a Rope Arrow into an enemy, hoisting them, and killing them.

Once you have earned all of the skills in a single category, you will unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Asking Price
Buy an item from a merchant in order to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Tables Turned
Kill 5 enemies who are searching for you to get this Trophy/Achievement. An easy way to do this is by getting detected by an enemy, then hiding and killing them as they come for near you.

Look, Over There
Kill 3 enemies who are distracted to get this Trophy/Achievement. When an enemy is investigating a dead body or a sound, kill them to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Total Party Kill
When 5 enemies die due to friendly fire, you will unlock this Trophy/Achievement. Use the Jaguar’s Fear skill and fear arrows in order to hit enemies with them and make them fire wildly.

Prioritize enemies with Assault Rifles in groups to have the highest chance of success.

Playing with Fire
If you manage to burn 2 different enemies at the same time, then the Trophy/Achievement is yours. You can do this at the Hunter’s Moon mission by using a bottle to craft a Molotov and then throwing it at the enemies near the forklift.

Last Known Position
You need to run and lose the enemy 10 times to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Sixth Sense
Get the skill called Eye of the Eagle then harvest Perception Plants and kill 10 enemies while perception is active.

In the Moment
Get the skill named Scales of the Serpent and then get Focus Plants before killing 10 enemies when the focus is active.

Made to Endure
Get the Heart of the Jaguar skill before killing 10 enemies while the Endurance Skill is active – harvest endurance plants.

Underwater Archaeologist
5 Underwater Artifacts are required to complete this challenge.

Legendary Hunter
Hunting and then looting 5 rare animals will unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Use your bow to perform 20 headshot kills and this Trophy/Achievement will be unlocked.

First Blood
Use a mud-covered wall to perform a Stealth Takedown.

On the Go
Craft special ammo for your weapon 50 times in order to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Get this Trophy/Achievement by shooting a turkey with a Flare Round.

Reach 100% completion rate of the game to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

That is all we have for our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophies/Achievements Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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