Shadow of the Tomb Raider Skills Guide – Best Skills, How to Spend Skill Points

There are many different skills given to Lara during the course of the game. Although you start out little bare bones, our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Skills Guide will ensure you know which skill you should be prioritized over all others.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Skills Guide will tell you about all of the skills that are in the game along with how to spend your hard-earned points.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Skills

Remember that the Skill Points that you have can only be spent if you are resting at your base camp. Sit down at the campfire and you will see a tiny menu.

Go to Skills and you will see a very extensive skill tree of the game. You can only unlock adjacent skills to the ones that you have unlocked and the tree starts from the center.

You can put points in the skill tree by selecting the skill and then learning it. If you have enough points, then you will learn the skill that you had selected. Try to spend any points that you have, as that will allow you to be at your best.

**The following are the Seeker Skills in Shadow of the Tomb Raider**:

Eagle’s Eyesight1 Skill Point
Reveals Artifacts, Monoliths, Treasure Chests, Archivist Maps, and Explorer Backpacks when you are using Survival Instinct.

Illipa’s Sight1 Skill Point
You can find the heart of a large animal when using Survival Instincts.

Hoatzin’s Step1 Skill Point
Jumps and falls make less noise.

Owl’s Vision2 Skill Points
Survival Instincts lasts for a longer period when using.

Crow’s Cunning2 Skill Points
Survival Instincts reveal traps.

Owl’s Meal1 Skill Point
You can harvest poison from spiders and beetles if you have a knife.

Crow’s Cunning2 Skill Points
Traps are revealed during Survival Instincts.

Eye of the Eagle3 Skill Points
You can sense animals and natural resources through perception plants.

Eagle’s Talon3 Skill Points
You can use a rope arrow to kill an enemy and hide the corpse in the branches.

Hoatzin’s Hunger
More resources gathered from each source.

Eagle’s Perch
Better climbing speed.

Owl’s Wisdom2 Skill Points
Survival Instincts reveals challenges.

Viper’s Nest2 Skill Points
More man-made resources gathered from each source.

Eagle’s Wing2 Skill Points
Loot more arrows from animals.

Eagle’s Grasp2 Skill Points
Rare animals are less rare.

Crow’s Charm3 Skill Points
You can negotiate better.

Crow’s Hoard3 Skill Points
Satchels of higher capacity available from shops.

**The following are the Scavenger Skills in Shadow of the Tomb Raider**:

Boa’s Coil1 Skill Point
Enemies stealthily taken down are instantly looted.

Caiman’s Speed1 Skill Point
Increase speed when swimming.

Serpent’s Strike1 Skill Point
Stealth Takedown no longer alerts nearby enemies.

Viper’s Lure2 Skill Points
You can craft Lure arrows.

Scales of the Serpent2 Skill Points
Focus plants increase reaction responses and slow time when aiming. Further upgrades make them last longer.

Serpent’s Glint2 Skill Points
Add a flare to your weapon which blinds enemies and sets them on fire if they are unarmoured.

Serpent’s Skin
You can use mud as camouflage and hide in mud patches.

Huracan’s Mantle
Less damage taken from explosions and fire.

Caiman’s Heart
Health regeneration is faster.

Viper’s Snare2 Skill Points
Lure traps can be planted on corpses which explode on impact.

Anole’s Needle2 Skill Points
Vestige Outfits can be restored with fewer resources.

Caiman’s Breath2 Skill Points
Higher Lung Capacity when swimming.

Serpent’s Fury2 Skill Points
You can perform chained takedowns during stealth kills.

Boa’s Blow3 Skill Points
You can craft concussive shells which stun enemies.

Serpent’s Fangs3 Skill Points
Concussive shells have a longer stun duration.

Viper’s Venom3 Skill Points
You can craft poison grenades.

**The following are the Warrior Skills in Shadow of the Tomb Raider**:

Howler’s Speed1 Skill Point
You will not slip as much when climbing ledges.

Raposa’s Drop1 Skill Point
Less damage during falls.

Jaguar’s Fury2 Skill Points
Stealth kills make you immune to damage for a short duration.

Heart of the Jaguar2 Skill Points
Endurance plants reduce damage from enemies. Further upgrades reduce further damage and grant increased breath capacity.

Jaguar’s Dread3 Skill Points
Fear arrow effects are longer.

Jaguar’s Fear
You can craft fear arrows which make enemies fire wildly.

Sip’s Strike
Charged shots deal more damage to armoured enemies.

Jaguar’s Paw
Enemies can be knocked down with melee attacks more often.

Kinch Ahau’s Boon
Health is restored once when you are about to die – effect refreshes between battles.

Raposa’s Threat1 Skill Point
Easier to aim at an enemy’s head.

Puma’s Rest1 Skill Point
Charged Shots more precise if held for a longer duration.

Puma’s Feint2 Skill Points
A counter attack will incapacitate unarmored enemies.

Puma’s Brace2 Skill Points
Take no damage from enemies after healing wounds for a short time.

Puma’s Charge2 Skill Points
Reduces time between your Charged Shots.

Raposa’s Wit2 Skill Points
Unlocks a new upgrade level for your weapons.

Howler’s Troop3 Skill Points
You can fire 2 arrows at 2 targets.

Howler’s Troop II3 Skill Points
Same as the previous skill, but you can target 3 enemies.

That is all we have for our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Skills Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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