Shadow of the Tomb Raider Post Game Guide

What to do after beating Shadow of the Tomb Raider? In our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Post Game Guide, we detail everything you need to know.

Finished SoTR but still can’t put down the game and are unsure of what to do now? This guide has you covered as we will explain all the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Post Game activities there are for you to check out.

After one final encounter with the Crimson Fire in the City of the Serpent in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara fights Dominguez (Pa’tal) as he imbues himself with the godly powers of Kukulkan. The battle is hard but Lara deals the final blow, ultimately saving the city of Paititi.

Mind you, this isn’t where the game puts a full-stop to your journey. You’re more than free to go ahead and explore anything that you may have missed while playing through the game. We’ll be showing you the different activities you can sift through as you roam the now-peaceful lands of SoTR.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Post Game

Upon completing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara is returned to the city of Paititi to continue to discover what else the city has in store for our brave adventurer.

There are new Base Camps available for the players to fast travel to, and from, using the Campfires. This Tomb Raider Guide will focus on the use of these camps for fast-travel.

Hunting Exotic Animals

Hunting is a keen and fun activity, although it was there in previous games too, it’s much more polished and enjoyable in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hunting is available in the Peruvian Jungle, the Hidden City, the Kuwaq Yaku, and Mission of San Juan.


Quite a few animals live in the wild areas of these regions. Small animals like Rabbits and Birds can be hunted as well as big animals like Jaguars and Capybaras.

All animals provide materials as well as XP for hunting them. Rare Items drop from Exotic Animals. Some of the locations of these Exotic Animals is as follows:

  • Hidden City; Albino Capybara: In the Wilderness.
  • Kuwaq Yaku; Eagle: Above the entrance of the temple, in the Village.
  • Hidden City; Black Wolf: Near the crypt, north of the Abandoned Village.
  • Mission of San Juan; Empress Jaguar: Jungle outside of mission just before Tree of Life Challenge Tomb.
  • Mission of San Juan; Condor: Talk to the man who stands along the road that leads to the mission. He informs you of a condor flying just outside the crypt.


No, NOT the barriers that the beavers make, the barriers made by real humans. There are three types of barriers when you first try the game, that you will find are unable to access. These are:

Braided Rope Barrier
You will require a Reinforced Knife at least, to pass through this Barrier. As the name suggests, the Rope Barriers are Barriers that are reinforced by Rope (Obvious enough?)

You will get your Reinforced Knife when you reach Paititi for the first time. Locations of Braided Rope Barriers are:

In Hidden City, braided ropes block some resources near the market, inside the abandoned village crypt and next to the Belly of the Serpent Base Camp.

In Cozumel, braided ropes block access to a corridor but nothing is hidden inside. This is provided as a convenience if you return to the Cozumel Ruins. It allows access aboveground when the underwater tunnel is no longer accessible.

You will get rare resources among these points. Another rope barrier is near the Mountain Temple entrance, providing access to one of the high-dive spots.

After returning to Paititi, cross the bridge and enter the Kukulkan stronghold. You will get rare resources and a Relic beyond the barrier here.

Shotgun Barrier
A shotgun is needed to break through this Barrier. You will get your Shotgun in Cenotes. Location of Shotgun barriers are:

A shotgun is required to enter the one-room crypt on the East side of Kuwaq Yaku. You will get rare resources in this Crypt and a Document in the jungle.

Cenotes provide a shortcut between the temple entrance and the Challenge Tomb.

In Mission of San Juan, from the Riverside Base Camp, cross the busted bridge to find the barrier on the right. You will get a rare resource here.

Ascender Barrier
A Rope Ascender is required to pass through this Barrier.

Rope Ascender can be purchased from a merchant in The Hidden City. It costs 3,300 Gold Pieces. The merchant will be available once you complete the side-mission Takiy’s Dice. Location of Ascender Barriers are:

An Ascender Barrier is found in the jungle area of Kuwaq Yaku, near the Challenge Tomb entrance. You will get rare resources beyond this barrier.

A couple of Ascender Barricades are in the Abandoned Village, Hidden City. You will get rare resources and a Document here. Enter the Ruined Tower in Mission of San Juan to find a Relic.

Treasure Chests

After acquiring the Lockpick from the outcast Merchant in the mission Skill of the Player, players can unlock treasure chests that are hidden around the regions. There are seven chests in total and each unlocks a new Artifact.

Gold Mask
Location: Cozumel

The Relic can be found near the Tidal Caverns Base Camp, inside the Cozumel Maya Temple.

Cross the Pendulum Platforms until you reach a walkway that is above the campfire. Use the bow to tether the rope from the post to the Coil on the walkway and cross.

Turn around and tether another coil on the upper walkway. Cross and find the Treasure Chest that drops the Gold Mask.

Location: Kuwaq Yaku

From the Base Camp, jump into the water along the Pier and swim until you hit land. When you hit land, dive straight into the water until you find a tunnel, remove the barrier with your pry, and follow the path.

You will find a cavern with a Treasure Chest that contains this Copal.

Silver Mirror
Location: Peruvian Jungle

Fast-travel to the Plane Wreckage Base Camp. Find a post right next to the cliff and hang off the cliff around the tree to the northwest of the cliff.

Move down and follow the path until you climb into a tunnel. Follow it until you reach a small cave. A Treasure Chest lies there with the Silver Mirror.

Inti Statuette
Location: Kuwaq Yaku

Fast travel to the Temple of Life Base Camp. Dive into the water that is the next room. Swim until you reach the big cavern.

Move to the right and follow the stairs in the ruins up to the upper floor. Dive into the lower floor after resting a bit. A Treasure Chest is there with your statuette.

Location: The Hidden City

Travel to the Base Camp near the Pisco the Dead and loot the Treasure Chest after talking to him to receive an Airplane.

Beast Effigy
Location: The Hidden City

Fast-travel to the Village Caves Base Camp, move down the stairs and move straight until you find stairs to the right.

Follow them to find a Boathouse, take a right to the house, and jump into the waters ahead. Turn right towards the dock, dive into the water, and swim into the opening. Follow the passage. You will find a Treasure Chest with your Effigy inside.

Warrior Pendant
Location: Mission of San Juan

Fast-travel to the Ruined Tower Base Camp, hop on the wooden log on the east and follow it until you reach a body of water.

Jump into the water swim to the left. Climb out the right of the mountainside and up the wall. You will find a Treasure Chest with your Warrior Pendant inside.

Ear Spools
Location: The Hidden City
Fast-travel to the Upper Paititi, near the brig from Collateral Damage side mission.

Travel until you find the Caged Jaguars near the temple entrance, on the right. Move past the shops and enter an opening. You will find a Treasure Chest with your Ear Spools inside.

Complete Side-Missions

If you hadn’t been aiming to complete the game a 100% from the start, there’s a good chance you missed out on a lot of side-quests here and there. It’s best to go back and start completing these. The stories these side-quests offer are pretty engaging, and offer you a good insight to the world around you. Following are all the side-quests you’ll be able to find.

  • Deal with the Pillagers (Location: Kuwaq Yaku): Unlock River Hawk pistol.
  • Find Takiy’s Dice (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock both the Lockpick and gain access to the Rope Ascender Skill.
  • Retrieve the King’s Horn (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock the next partof this side quest.
  • Get the Saviour’s Amulet (Location: The Hidden City).
  • Retrieve the Champion’s Bow (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock Manko’s tunic.
  • Free the Rebels (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock the Ch’amaka Greaves and the next part of the quest.
  • Save Colqui (Location: The Hidden City).
  • Investigate Sumaqu’s Murder (Location: The Hidden City).
  • Decipher the Murals (Location: The Hidden City).
  • Stop the Ritual (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock the Heart of the Eagle bow.
  • Save Hakan (Location: The Hidden City): Unlock the Knife upgrade.
  • Explore the local Mysteries (Location: Mission of San Juan)

Complete Challenge Tombs

Challenge Tombs are honestly some of the most enjoyable side-content one could expect from a game. You’ll find some great puzzles in these tombs. You’ll find them lying hidden throughout the world.

Check out our Challenge Tombs guide to discover the location of each of these Tombs and a step-by-step guide on how to complete them if you will!


Ah. NG+. The most boring part of the end game. Having to replay the story again but with your endgame items the whole time.

Eidos has taken a different approach this time, offering the players with new content. Players are able to choose from three Paths that offer a different approach to the game, as opposed to the original game.

  • The Path of the Serpent will allow you to further master stealth skills and focus on getting around the world in a stealth gameplay.
  • The Path of the Jaguar will allow you to further master your melee and weapon combat and focus on defeating enemies easily and fast.
  • The Path of the Eagle will allow you to travel farther and faster and help you navigate you through the world as you have never before.

This is just the beginning of Shadow of the Tomb Raider… There is much more content to be expected with the release of further DLCs. Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough and let us know in the comments if you are stuck anywhere or if you find a shiny Easter Egg!

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