Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle Walkthrough

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle Walkthrough will help you with getting through the Peruvian Jungle so that you can progress with the game’s story.

Peruvian Jungle is the second area that Lara Croft will come across through in her journey. However, the Peruvian Jungle itself is full of dangers and our Peruvian Jungle Walkthrough Guide will help you go through the level.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle

In the Peruvian Jungle, Lara Croft will not only have to make her way through but she also has to survive from deadly Jaguars and Trinity soldiers that are out to kill her.

In our SoTR Peruvian Jungle Guide, we will help you get through these dangers so that you can continue your journey.

You will start with a cutscene and after that, Lara will not have her tools or equipment. Move ahead and collect wood along the way and Lara will see someone firing a flare.

Continue down the path and you will come across a campsite. Once you are done with the campsite, go to the next area and Lara will cut down her equipment and for that pick up the knife from the front of the plane by interacting.

The plane will fall into the water and Lara will go into the water to get that piece of metal. Kill the eel that attacks you while underwater.

Now collect shrapnel from the boxes in the immediate area to sharpen the metal and head back to the campsite and craft the makeshift knife.

Now, free Lara’s equipment and then use your bow to create a rope and go across the cliff on the west side.

Continue down the path and you will find a Flare on the ground. Continue ahead and two jaguars will appear which you need to fight to the death.

Just run to get some distance and attack with the bow to deal damage. Once the Jaguars are dead, move to the next area and Lara will be reunited with Jonah. She’ll also get her axe back.

You will come across another campsite along the way as you go to the next area.

Here you will need to raise the bridge and for that, start the water flow at the top of the ruins and then Jonah will help with the lever.

Now jump back down to the end of the bridge and fire an arrow to send a rope to the other side and connect it with the rolling thing.

The bridge will be raised and Lara walks across to the other side.

Continue ahead and you will find another campsite and you will move ahead to the next area.

A Jaguar will attack you. Kill it after which Lara will fall asleep and a dream sequence will start in which you just have to follow the determined path and free the white queen.

As Lara Wakes up, follow the path ahead and you will come across Trinity soldiers. Make your way through them. Do it either in stealth or action and then a cutscene will play.

After that, Lara will have an assault rifle, Vicar Mark II, and a pistol, AB.45. Move inside the cave and along the path, remove the blockage using the fire arrow and you will reach Kuwaq Yaku.

Reaching there will prompt a cutscene in which you’ll get to meet a woman named Abby. As soon as the cutscene ends, this section of the game reaches completion and you will be able to venture to the next section: The Hidden City.

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