Shadow of the Tomb Raider Beginners Guide

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Beginners Guide will give new players of the series some very important tips and tricks required in order to succeed.

For players who have played the Tomb Raider series before, many mechanics of the game will be quite familiar. However, new players will need our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Beginners Guide to understand some of the fundamentals of the game and learn a few tricks.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Beginners Guide will give new players of the series some very important tips and tricks required in order to succeed.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Beginners Guide

Shadow of the Tomb Raider enjoys several new additions as compared to its prequel. To scratch the surface, gameplay mechanics have been enhanced and new side missions introduced to keep you glued to the screen.

These tips and tricks will ensure that you know how to start the game the right way and then carry on with your efficient progress. They relate to multiple different aspects of the game, as you will see.

Adjust the Difficulty

Every other game supports difficulty adjustment, however, in Shadow of Tomb Raider, you can customize the difficulty of Combat, Exploration, and Puzzle separately.

If you feel like Combat is making you notch your hair, and no matter how hard you try to still end up failing, you can configure the Combat difficulty separately, without messing up the entire difficulty settings of the game.

Break the Enemy’s Line of Sight

Improved stealth mechanics could be expected from a game that has “Shadow” in its title.

If you run into an encounter you’re not prepared for and decide to move behind a wall or a bush to take cover, you’ll break the enemy’s line of sight. This would give you plenty of time to devise a strategy.

Know your Playstyle

Shadow of Tom Raider has three categories present in its skill tree: Seeker (Blue), Scavenger (Green), and Warrior (Red).

The seeker will help you go the extra mile with your explorations. Scavenger will enhance your stealth skill and help you craft better ammo. Warrior is pretty self-explanatory and it improves your combat skills.

You’ll be spending plenty of time in water eventually as you progress through the storyline, and buying skills that could upgrade your swimming could be of immense help.

Explore Tombs and Crypts

What’s the point of playing a Tomb Raider title and not going sneak peaking around Tombs and Crypts?

Tombs and Crypts will give you interesting puzzles to solve. And they have become even better in this title.

Even though these challenges do not add much to the storyline progression, they do hold some hidden rewards. Tombs will add to your skill tree, whereas Crypts will unlock special armor pieces.

Craft Yourself the Best Outfit

Crafting outfits is not just for aesthetics alone but they improve your skills and abilities.

From making it difficult to see during stealth missions to helping you pick more items along the way; outfits play a huge role in your gameplay.

Jade and Gold Meant to be Sold

Jade and gold that you stack during your explorations is doing you no good sitting in your inventory, and it belongs with a merchant.

They are not upgrading material and cash them out as soon as you can to free up your inventory.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of a Shotgun

You’ll have plenty of close encounters where a shotgun won’t leave you stranded.

You can even upgrade the shotgun to increase its impact. Ammo pouch upgrade will provide you additional shells.

EXP Skills

Skills that grant you bonus EXP for one action or the other are by far the most important ones in the early game.

Having these skills will allow you to level up much faster than you would otherwise be able to and thus let you avail many different abilities early on.

The skills that you need to prioritize are Viper’s Nest, Eagle’s Sight, Serpent’s Strike, and Howler’s Speed, as these 4 are the skills which will ensure good progress into the middle and eventually the later parts of the game.

Use your Bow

The Bow is a very versatile weapon at your disposal which many people seem to not realize. It fires silent bolts meaning that you can use it for stealth kills.

You can also upgrade it as you move on with the game to make it perform multiple different functions. In fact, upgrading it is quite important, as you will run into problems which will require the use of a special kind of arrow farther down the line.

Animals Have Brains and Hearts

While a headshot is probably the best way to kill smaller animals and humans, it is much better if you shoot some of the larger animals in their heart as it will make them go down much faster.

There is also a skill in your skill tree which will allow you to see the heart mapping of the animals that you are trying to hunt. Shoot them in the heart and then loot them for whatever it is that you need to find.

If you manage to shoot them in the heart, then chances are that they will go down in a single bullet.

Pick up Everything

This is helpful when you’re confused about how the crafting works in Shadows of Tomb Raider.

If such is the case then we suggest you pick up everything that you find until you know its perfect use.

If you’re running out of space, you can buy a bigger pouch from a merchant.

This will always keep you stocked up and prepared for whatever is coming your way

Do Not Forget to Come Back

Some areas will have collectibles which can only be collected once you have unlocked some of the advanced moves later on in the game.

For that reason, do not be afraid to revisit some of the earlier areas if you have not grabbed all of the collectibles there.

If you haven’t been able to clear an obstacle because you lacked the perfect gear, or couldn’t open a chest because you didn’t have a lockpick you can always visit that area again sometime in the future.

Side Missions Are Beneficial

Remember that you should try to complete as many side missions as you possibly can.

They will give you a plethora of various different rewards and will allow you to get better progression stats – not to mention the extra experience that you can get and level yourself up.

Constantly be on the lookout for different side missions. Unless you do not have the time, it is better to complete them.

Look for Climbing Spots

Whenever you can see a climbing spot, try to climb it as you could find stuff that you would otherwise miss.

Not only that, you can use the height advantage to scout the area for resources as well as enemies, and then use that information to make the area much easier for you to traverse and complete.

Use the Merchants

Merchants are here, and they allow you to barter goods. There are several items that are only available at the merchant such as the lockpick and the Rope Ascender.

These items will allow you to access newer areas and will allow you to find more resources. Not only that, you can also sell off some of your resources if you do not have enough money.

Merchants have even put up a price on certain weapons and weapon upgrades. And of course, you can stock up on ammo by paying them a visit.

Harvest Poison and Plants

Use the Viper’s Lure skill to harvest poison from a plethora of creepy crawlies that are there in the world. The poison can then be used to coat your arrows to become much more deadly than they are.

On a somewhat similar note, use the Herbs as they can heal you when you are low on health.

Get New Gear

While you can find plenty of crafting material to upgrade your weapons, outfits, and equipment, during exploration, there is a limit up to which you can upgrade a piece of gear.

You can find new and better gear by completing side missions or paying the merchant a visit.

Use your Map

Use your map rather than wandering pointlessly into the wilderness. If you have a place to be, just place a marker on the map and it will appear on you HUD to guide you in the right direction.

Keep checking your map occasionally to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Use Your Survival Instinct

This will help you spot resources and animals better, especially when you are in a darker location.

It’s better not to move while using Survival Instinct as it will fade with movement.

skills like Owl’s Vision, Owl’s Wisdom, and Eagle’s Sight enhance your Survival Instinct.

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