Shadow of Mordor Weapon Legends Guide – How to Complete All Challenges

In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Weapon Challenges allows Talion to transform any weapon into a legendary one. There are ten challenges for each weapon which are scattered in two major locations of the game.

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Shadow of Mordor Weapon Legends

Completing the Weapon Challenges will not only alter the appearance of the weapons, but will also add to the story of these weapons.

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Weapon legends guide, I’m going to talk about all these challenges along with some useful tips to complete them.

Do note that this guide is not a complete walkthrough of the Weapon Challenges, but will only cover some useful tips to help you complete them!

Bow Legends

An Elbereth Gilthoniel
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 250 Mirian

He was singing the hymn when the ambush came. It was the last mistake his enemies ever made.

The key location in this Weapon Challenge is the tent in nearby vicinity. This area not only provides amazing cover, but you will also come across stacks of ammo.

When we talk about decent vantage points, you can also check out a crane placed near the location of the tent. Use this crane to your advantage and head inside the tent to replenish your ammo.

A word of advice: sometimes, you will also come across a couple of war-chiefs in the area. Plan accordingly!

Shadow and Flame
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 500 XP and 50 Mirian

He led his attackers into an explosive trap. The destruction could be seen from the slopes of Oroduin.

This is a pretty straightforward mission! Instead of merely planning to complete this mission, it is better to complete the optional objective. You will come across plenty of ammo stacks in the area to facilitate you in the battle. Getting a higher vantage point is most welcome in this mission.

Shadow under Siege
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 250 Mirian

He waited beyond the iron walls, using anyone foolish enough to peer over the ramparts as target practice.

One of the most important things to consider in this mission is staying inside the mission zone.

Your best strategy in this mission is to pick off enemies one by one and make good use of barrels and barricades to get some additional kills. You can also bait the Caragors in the area to make all the Hell break loose on the distant enemies.

Swift Mercy
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 250 Mirian

Having cursed his enemies, his arrows offered a swift end to their suffering.

This mission focuses on nothing, but your accuracy of using a bow. All you need to complete this mission is to be accurate and don’t take insanely long time to take your shots.

The Secret Flame
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 450 Mirian

The hidden outpost, stocked with the enemy’s incendiary weapons, also teemed with other dangerous creatures. He knew he could remove both threats by using one against the other.

This is another mission which is pretty straightforward to complete! You need to aim at the nearby barrels to trigger an explosion and kill most of the Ghuls in the explosion.

Timing and patience is the key to complete this mission. You need to wait for all the Ghuls to agglomerate in the same area near the barrels and then target the barrel to take most of them out.

The Storm of War
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 200 Mirian

The Dark Lord’s servants were scattered throughout Udûn. Mounted on his beast, he moved swiftly among them and struck like lighting.

There are a couple of important things to bear in mind: make sure that your Caragor stays alive and stay in a static position while firing arrows. Use the Drain Mount to replenish your ammo using the Caragor and carefully aim your shots.

There Is No Escape
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 550 Mirian

He watched as the creature chased down his enemies. He ensured they never reached the safety of their Stronghold.

The key tip that I can give you for this mission is to use Shadow Strike ability ease your pursuit of the Uruks. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to check on the Graug chasing after the same Uruks as you.

Dagger Legends

A Knife in the Dark
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 550 Mirian

He descended upon the enemy camp late at night. He was careful and deliberate. He sowed such terror and confusion that the Dark Lord’s soldiers would kill each other if he didn’t take their lives for himself.

During this mission, the first thing that you need to do is to do away with the archers. These guys can inflict heavy damage and take out Talion in a matter of no time.

You can use abilities like Shadow Strike for this purpose! In addition to this, well-placed headshots also seem to do the job just fine. Keep a close eye on the colour of your crosshair!

You don’t want it to turn red and have enemies spot you. Use walls/corners to your advantage and stick to stealth than anything else!

Clear the Skies
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400XP and 200 Mirian

His enemies’ arrows darkened the sky. He moved to eliminate the archers and clear the path for his forces.

Like with the previous mission, the best strategy to use in this mission is to get a high vantage point and rely on stealth than anything else. Get to a higher vantage point and make use of ledge-assassinations.

In addition to this, abilities like Shadow Strike and Strike from Above seem to work best in this mission.

Deathly Whisper
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 200 Mirian

Any servants of the Dark Lord who heard his call that night would never see the dawn.

The key to this mission’s success is gain the attention of the enemies before finishing them off! Simply getting behind the enemies and performing the stealth kill will not complete the mission.

The best strategy to complete this mission is to hide inside the bushes in the area and attract the nearby Uruks followed by killing them.

In addition to this, you can also press the attract button immediately followed by stealthily killing the enemy to make the kill count towards your progress.

Display of Power
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 250 Mirian

As his reputation grew, the Dark Lord held rallies to discredit him. He turned these opportunities to reinforce his claim to power.

Once again, this mission focuses more on stealth-based kills than anything else. In fact the stealth is so important that if you’re spotted the mission fails.

First off, you need to get yourself to a high vantage point and then move from one rooftop to other rooftop while taking out the archers. When we talk about the abilities, the one that works the best in this mission is Brutalize.

The Darkness Within
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 550 Mirian

Suspicion and fear among the servants of the Dark Lord was growing. He had to become increasingly careful to orchestrate the devastating betrayals that would unravel his enemies.

Patience is virtue! This is the motto when it comes to completing this mission. You need to make good use of walls and corners in the area and mostly rely on stealth than anything else.

The best tip that anyone can give you in regard to this mission is to stay on top of the rooftops and avoid engaging enemies until you are asked to ambush the field.

The Mithril Blade
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 200 Mirian

A flash of silver lightning, carving his way through the Dark Lord’s ranks. Each foe had his life stolen away before he knew it.

This is getting monotonous, but what can we do? Stealth, once again, will come in handy in The Mirthril Blade. Avoid open engagements at all costs and try to stay near the backs of the Uruks to pick them off one by one.

The Wraith
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400 XP and 250 Mirian

He hid amongst the Dark Lord’s soldiers, silently killing them one by one. He would not rest until they fled the camp in terror.

This mission, once again, focuses on stealth and takes place inside a stronghold. It is highly recommended that you have Shadow Strike ability when going with this mission.

The ideal strategy to use in this mission is to stick to ledge assassinations and attraction to your advantage. You also need to keep an eye out on the war-chiefs scattered around the area.

It is not at all recommended to engage these foes since you cannot use stealth to take them out. Avoid them the best you can!

Sword Legends

Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400XP and 250 Mirian

He was surrounded on all sides by an overwhelming force. Standing his ground, he faced down every foe until the will of his attackers was broken.

The most difficult part of this Weapon Challenge is keeping the large number of Uruks under control. The best thing that you can do in this scenario is to reach a higher ground.

While Talion is at the higher ground, go with the Wraith Sprint ability and try to take out a couple of enemies at the same time.

Bane of Shadow
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 400XP and 550 Mirian

No stronghold was safe from his onslaught. He charged headlong into Executioner’s Watch to cut down the warriors manning the Dark Lord’s war machines.

This Weapon Challenge demands nothing, but stealth-based kills. A couple of abilities that seem to work best in this challenge are Strike from Above and Shadow Strike.

Once again, it is recommended that you reach the higher ground and scale the buildings above to find and pick off your targets one by one. The bottom line is that you need to pick off your targets one by one and don’t take on crowds.

Cutting the Lines
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400XP and 200 Mirian

Descending on the enemy camp, he cut off the Dark Lord’s supply of new recruits. On that day, the trainees learned only of death.

While playing this Weapon Challenge, you need to keep your focus on Wraith Flash and Wraith Burn. Other good strategy to use in this challenge is to target the bait which will help scatter the crowd, giving you good opportunity to pick off targets one by one.

Into the Pit
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400XP and 250 Mirian

Trapped and cast into a pit by the Dark Lord, he was to be cut down to show that he was not immortal. He slew every enemy sent at him, including his captors.

In this Weapon Challenge, you will come across several Uruks wielding shields. You need to use your bow and arrow to take out these enemies. Make sure to unlock abilities like Wraith Flash and get good with counters – they will help a ton.

Nameless Things
Location: Udûn
Rewards: 400XP and 200 Mirian

When night fell, his troops were being taken by Ghûls. Alone he descended into their foulest hive and slew every beast, including their matron.

Wraith Flash is a must have ability in this Weapon Challenge. With this ability, you will be able to take out crowds of Ghuls in no time. Other things to keep in mind are to make use of rolling frequently.

The most difficult part of this challenge is to take on Ghul Matron. Do note that you will not be able to stun this foe and patience will play a key role in defeating this enemy.

They Shall Not Pass
Location: Sea of Núrnen
Rewards: 550 Mirian

Holding the bridge on his own, no enemy could cross. As the battle raged, bodies filled the span and tumbled into the darkness below.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to stay within the allotted premises. Use Pin in Place to agglomerate the enemies in a single area and use abilities like Wraith Flash or Wraith Burn to take them out at once.

In addition to this, you can also use the Detonate ability and several barrels in the area to your advantage.

This guide is currently a work-in-progress! We will add all the missing Weapon Challenges in days to come!

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