Shadow of Mordor Rune and Mirian Farming Tips

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor is the story of Talion who embarks on a quest to avenge the murder of his entire family.

During his journey, he will come face to face with a number of Warchiefs and Captains in Mordor, and runes can be picked up as drops after killing them.

You will not get these runes by killing low level captains or warchiefs. You will have to raise them to a higher level, and we will teach you how.

Runes are modifiers which will help you modify weapons in the game such as the bow Azkar, the sword Urfael and the dagger Acharn. The level of rune is based on the level of Warchief or Captain you kill.

However, there are Epic runes as well, which doesn’t have any levels and contains special abilities. The following guide will help you farm these runes and any excessive runes you get can be sold for Marian, which will help you upgrade your attributes.

Shadow of Mordor Rune and Mirian Farming

Players should note that there are two methods for doing this, one is for the season pass holders, and the other is for players without the season pass.

Furthermore, if you have a season pass, then it will be much quicker for you to farm runes due to all the additional challenge maps included in it.

Farming Without Season Pass
Now, something that you should know is that without a season pass, you are limited to farming runes while playing the main story. Furthermore, you can send death threats to warchiefs who you are comfortable with killing and then finish them off.

After you have collected all the epic runes, farming level 25 runes will be much easier for you.

There might be some enemies, who you do not wish to kill, so if you have a free code for Test of Power, it is recommended that you do your epic runes farming there due to a different set of enemies which you can kill many times.

First up, you will need to gain information of all the enemies (+1 rune level). You can exploit vulnerabilities of enemies so find an enemy whose vulnerability you wish to use against him in order to guarantee the type of rune given.

Let Him Kill You
Rune farming demands some sacrifice; you will have to let them kill you in order to get the vengeance bonus (+1 rune level).

Send Death Threats
Sending that enemy a death threat will give him 5 + boost and will get a death threat bonus. So let him know you’re coming for him. (+1 rune level)

Level Him Up
Prepare him for an impending death, help him in his missions or let him kill you a number of times in order to raise him to level 20.

One of the strategies you can use is to brand a captain and make him attack the one you are raising. Now, during the mission send the branded captain off to another location, the enemy you are raising automatically gains a level.

Make a warchief before you make your final move.

Kill Him
Lastly, kill him or better, kill him by exploiting his vulnerability in order to ensure the rune type dropped. Doing this will give a level 25 rune.

Level 26 Runes
However, if you are interested in farming level 26 runes, though a bit difficult but here is how you can farm them.

Gain Intel regarding all the enemies. Find one whose fear or hate you can easily exploit, preferably the one who is already on the top level.

The rest of the steps are the same as I mentioned above but before killing him, exploit his fear or hate and then finish him off or kill him with his vulnerability.

Do this properly and you have yourself a level 26 rune.

Note: Some of the easiest traits which can be exploited are Fire, Caragors, Gravewalker, and Betrayal.

Farming With Season Pass
Season pass holders can farm runes without having to worry about killing enemies they have specially raised in the main game.

As you know, buying the season pass will give access to Test of Speed, Test of Power, Test of Wisdom and Endless Challenge trials.

The first three of these trials contain enemies that have certain weaknesses and strengths that do not change no matter how many time you replay the game. All the runes you pick up during the these trials will be carried over to the main game.

If you wish farm epic runes, then I recommend playing the test of speed trial. You can simply send death threats to warchiefs so that the drop rate is increased.

Just keep in mind not to kill too many captains otherwise this trial will be over. After you have collected all the epic runes, send death threats to warchiefs before collecting level 25 and level 26 runes.

This will give a boost and get the +1 level bonus.

Lastly, in order to collect high level runes it is advised to play the Test of Wisdom or Endless Challenge. The Test of Wisdom features a set of enemies so you won’t have to worry about collecting Intel, it is already done for you.

However, The Endless Challenge on the other hand has a random set of enemies, so will have to gain information every time you play through it.

The rest of the steps are same as I mentioned above for level 25 and level 26 runes.

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