Shadow of Mordor – How to Duplicate Epic Runes

Do you know about the Epic Rune Duplication Glitch? If not, let me fill you in.

In Shadow of Mordor when you kill a warchief, an epic rune in dropped, obviously there is some sort of calculation behind it and this glitch exploits and takes advantage of that.

Before this glitch gets patched here is how you can benefit from it.

Note: It might take you a few hours to set up everything but it will be quicker once you have a better understanding of it.

There are around 43 epic runes in the game so before you start, make sure you have collected all of them, and it is necessary that you have the dispatch ability.

Keep Some Captains Alive
Now, for this to work make sure you don’t kill every captain you come across. At Least have 20 captains alive, this can be done more easily while playing Endless Challenge and Test of Wisdom (Available to season pass holders).

Branding The Warchief
Furthermore, to benefit from this glitch chose a warchief who you can brand later.

Death Threats
Now is the time to send death threats to all the captains and warchiefs, let them know you are coming to take them down.

Brand The Warchief
Now that you have send death threats and everyone knows you are coming, brand the warchief you chose earlier.

Brand The Captains
Branding the warchief wasn’t enough so will need to brand those 20 alive captains as well.

Make Them Bodyguards
After this, you will have to commend all the 20 captains to become bodyguards of that warchief you branded earlier.

Summon The Warchief
Now that all of those captains are under the command of that branded warchief, let him know who’s boss and summon him.

Now this next step is important, so pay attention. You will need to find and delete (or convert to mirian) the epic rune you want to duplicate. This will leave you with 42/43 epic runes.

After that you will need to dispatch all the followers. Every single one of those captains, including the warchief will die and drop a plethora of that epic rune you are missing.

There you have it, try it and let us know how it went!

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