Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Not Having Multiplayer Is A Good Thing

The age-old question surrounding games was asked about this one as well. Will Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have multiplayer? From Software confirmed it wouldn’t, but that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s better than we think.

From Software is no stranger to online features in their games. Sekiro becomes rather an exception in a long line of From Software games that have. Since it dates back to Demon’s Souls which also had its own multiplayer feature.

The multiplayer aspect of the SoulsBorne series had a lot of variables that the developers had to balance out and make an economy of.

How the cooperation would affect the area they were exploring? How would the boss behavior act when there was more than one target? The ratio of likeliness to be invaded by another player while having a summon? Stuff like that.

With Sekiro: Shadows die twice, these multiplayer variables don’t have to be taken into consideration. Seeing as to how this bad boy is gonna be single player.

Developers can be more creative with how they design their areas and boss fights as they only have the main player to account for. No summons or other sorts of helpers.

The change isn’t permanent either. Sekiro: Shadows die twice is simply From Software’s detour from multiplayer gaming. Since they want Sekiro to be its own game. The only elements bearing resemblance to the Souls series being the infamous difficulty and some animations.

As well as the same engine. The game’s setting also emphasizes more on Japanese history and elements than it does Western. Another deviation from the old SoulsBorne formula.

A chunk of the fan base has also found multiplayer to be a slightly invasive feature. Since it found its way into nearly everything now. So this could be considered as refreshing for that group of players as well.

The demand for single player games was definitely refreshed by last year’s hits like Spider-Man, God Of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more.

We finally have the ability to pause a From Software game too. God bless them as now we can take small noodle breaks or bathroom trips between checkpoints. The urgency of needing to get somewhere safe to pause the game is finally fixed now that we have the pause feature.

The single player aspect of the game also adds an established character to the main story. Rather than the old formula of created characters.

Meaning our protagonist will now have a proper set personality instead of being a self-insert based mute. More to look forward to from a storytelling aspect. Which the Souls series has never lacked.

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