Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mod Fixes Mouse Controls For The Game

We’ve talked about the best Sekiro Shadows Die Twice mod cantidates out there but the most detailed one is arguably the Sekiro FPS unlock and more mod. The most recent update to this mod allows you to tweak the mouse controls for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Now I’d like to preface this by saying From Software games shouldn’t be played with a keyboard and mouse. Not just because of the camera, but because of other forms of directional movement. This is the type of movement you can’t replicate on keys the same way as a controller.

Anyways, back to the mod. What it does for the mouse specifically is disable the auto-centering that happens when you aren’t looking straight ahead. It also allows you to manually center by using the lock-on button.

This doesn’t sound like much but the mod does actually make the camera behave much better. As it is, the mouse in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice sort of has a mind of its own. Something about From Software and camera angles right?

Once again, keep in mind that this is the same Sekiro Shadows Die Twice mod that can make the game much easier for players. This is just an option though, since the intent of the mod itself is to make your Sekiro experience more personalized, rather than specifically easier.

Still, I can’t stress this enough about not using a keyboard and mouse for this game. Then again, people have beaten the Souls games on guitar hero controllers and even a DDR pad at one point. I suppose what medium you use to play the game is subjectively effective at this point.

Either way, good news for Sekiro keyboard warriors that may or may not have been struggling with the mouse. Now you have one less of a thing to worry about when the Guardian Ape is flinging its feces at you, huzzah!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is developed by From Software and available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The mod is known as Sekiro FPS unlock and more.

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