New Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mod Lets You Fight Bosses Only

A new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice mod is now available which allows players to rush and fight game’s bosses. The new Sekiro mod for PC is called “Boss Rush” and was created by famous modder ‘thefifthmatt’.

This new mod will come in handy for those players who have completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sekiro Boss Rush mod will allow you to skip different parts of the game and rush to the difficult boss fights. In addition to this, Rush mod allows you to skip to any boss, in any order you want.

With the mod installed, you can “select bosses from Dilapidated Temple Sculptor’s Idol” and warp to the boss of your choosing. Players can jump straight into battles with Lady Butterfly, Owl (Father), the Corrupted Monk, the Divine Dragon, headless ape and more. However, the modder mentions that “a boss is defined as an enemy who gives you a memory when you defeat them”. This means that you won’t be able to jump straight to the Great Serpents and Chained Ogres.

That’s not all as defeating a boss for the first time will reward you with a coin purse consisting of 1,000 sen. You can spend these coins to purchase different items from the shop. The Sekiro boss rush mode also gives XP each time you kill a boss.

The mod also includes a number of small conveniences as follows.

  • Skip the Ashina Reservoir tutorial segment
  • Item pickups and drops do not pause the game
  • No in-game tutorial popups
  • No cutscene on first death
  • No slow-walk areas
  • Exchange multiple gourd seeds and multiple prayer necklaces at once
  • Sold out items are removed from the shop

This new Sekiro mod is recommended for veteran players who want to defeat in-game bosses with new techniques, without having to complete the entire game again. Players can also check out the video below to see this new boss mod in action.

Interested players can checkout Sekiro Rush mod over at Nexusmods, where you will also find instructions on how to successfully install the mod.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Modders keep surprising us with new and interesting mods. As we reported before, a Sekiro mod called “Bloodborne Combat” is now also available. This mod changes the game’s combat style to be more like Bloodborne. It’s worth a try. Do note that these mods only work with the game’s PC version.

FromSoftware’s Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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