Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Dragon Mask Fragment Locations Guide – How to Increase Attack Power, Dancing Dragon Mask

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice includes an item called the Dancing Dragon Mask that you can use to exchange Skill Points for Attack Power. Making the Dragon Mask requires you to acquire three of its Mask Fragments. If you are looking to create the Dancing Dragon Mask in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, our Mask Fragment Locations Guide will help you locate all three of them.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mask Fragment Locations

I will start by saying that you get all the Fragments from Merchants and not as world drop items. Two of the Fragments are purchased with Treasure Carp Scales that amount to 19. The third piece is from a money merchant for 5,000 Sen.

Mask Fragment #1

This Fragment is sold by a merchant hiding inside a water barrel near the first Sculptor’s Idol of the Hirata Estate. Getting to the Hirata Estate involves finding an NPC old lady that gives you a bell.

Use it to pray at the Dilapidated Temple Buddha to be transported to the Estate. Once there, you can find the Barrel Merchant in the water near some rocks to the right of the bridge. He will sell the Fragment for 7 Treasure Carp Scales.

Mask Fragment #2

Right next to the Abandoned Dungeon Idol, you will find the second Mask Fragment from a merchant that sells it for 5,000 Sen.

To get to this area and Idol, you need to access the Abandoned Dungeon from the Ashina Castle area. Players do not get to this place because of either taking a large detour or struggling with the horseman boss.

Either way, you can *farm money* for the Mask Fragment in the same area as the merchant. Just reload the area each time all the enemies are dead and looted.

Mask Fragment #3

This Mask Fragment is the hardest to get due to how far it is into the game’s story. Not just that, it can also be missed out if you choose to side with Owl instead of Kuro.

Should you “Stay Loyal to Kuro” and continue the game, this area becomes a part of the main quest.

The trick to getting here is gathering all the parts you need for the Bridal Door Ceremony. It involves clearing multiple areas like the Sunken Valley, Mt. Kongo, etc. until you manufacture the incense.

Use that at the Bridal Gate to be transported to the Palace Grounds area. During the mandatory story path for this area, you will come to a Palace Grounds Idol.

Once you go to the bridge on your left, a secret passageway in the rock face in front of you will be accessible. Go there and you will find another merchant near the Sculptor’s Idol. He sells it to you for 12 Carp Scales so you had better stock up.

That wraps up the Dancing Dragon Mask. It is really useful against bosses though since you get it so late, you will have to wait till *NG+* to see it in proper action.

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