Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Crashes On Start-up Fix, Low FPS, Controller Support, Black Screen and Freezes

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice troubleshooting guide to fix crashes at start-up, low fps, controller issues, black screen, random stuttering and freezes.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has released and smooth launch might be slightly deterred for you if these issues are impeding your experience. I’d like to start this off by saying that if your rig was able to run Dark Souls 3, you’ll have no problem running Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice either.

In case you come across any issues running Sekiro smoothly, this troubleshooting guide will save the day!

Sekiro Crashes on Start-Up Fix
This issue is basically when Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice refuses to go beyond the start-up window process. Flickering and crashing repeatedly until shutting down. Most of the players facing this issue had the same reason for it. That is that the game gets booted at a resolution that your PC/Monitor can’t handle. To fix this, there are two solutions:

  • The basic fix is to verify the game files and/or reinstall the game. After that be careful with what resolution you set your game at.
  • Another way is that as soon as you begin the start-up process, quickly open anything else to initiate Sekiro’s launch in its window mode. This should let the game adjust itself into a resolution that your computer can handle.
  • Disable any third-party monitoring software like MSO Afterburner.
  • Keep your GPU updated to the latest version since it optimizes your game better.

PlayStation Controller Not Responding
If you’re using a DualShock PS4 controller, you’ll probably have some issues with the controller inputs being recognized in Sekiro. The first fix for this solution is downloading a software called DS4. If the problem persists, then hiding the DS4 from your games by ticking an option in the software that lets your computer receive the inputs.

Xbox Controller Support
If you’re using Xbox 360 peripherals or something similar to a wireless connection, disabling steam’s ability to override your controls should help solve the issue. Otherwise, the wired option of an Xbox One controller is the best solution.

Black Screen at Launch Fix
Sometimes the game will be stuck on an annoying black screen yet it’ll run fine on windowed mode. Other steam users also reported about the screen turning a very bright pink. Here’s a slightly complicated but effective fix for the issue:

  • Go to AppData>Roaming>Sekiro>GraphicsConfig(xml-file)
  • Opening it with Notepad(text editor)
  • Changing “Resolution-FullScreen” to the one your monitor uses
  • Launching game and pressing alt+enter couple times

An easier way is to just hit alt+enter, when the game goes into windowed mode, it’ll be visible. After that just change it to your monitor’s optimum resolution.

Camera Annoyances And Speed Glitch Fix
This one is to do with Steam setting your default controls to gyro settings instead of thumbstick. That means if you’re using something like a PlayStation controller, the game will catch your motion controls and move the camera accordingly which can be very annoying. Follow these instructions to fix the issue:

  • Right click the game in your Library and select “Edit Steam Controller Configuration”
  • Change the bottom left panel (left stick) to “Joystick Move”
  • Change the third panel along the bottom (right stick) to “Joystick Move”

Sekiro Low FPS Fix
These are mostly to do with the state of your PC. Besides having what the minimum requirements of the game are, if your FPS is being stuttery regardless, then try updating your drivers. Also double check for any anti-viruses in order.

Another issue is that the game might be using your Intel graphics instead of your Nvidia card. In that case scenario, here’s a quickfix

  • Go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings and then click on “Add”. Select Sekiro from the list and then select your NVIDIA card from the drop-down menu.
  • The last option is modifying the graphics in-game from the visuals setting and options. One of the main culprits is Dynamic Super Sampling setting, so make sure to turn it off or set to low.

Sekiro Freezes and Stutter Fix
Fix random stuttering and freezes is as easy as turning off optimization programs and overclocking. When all else fails, verify integrity of the cache, perform a clean boot, and run in steam in admin mode perhaps before starting the game.

Installing the latest GPU drivers is a good idea since they bring optimization to the latest games. Of course, make sure you aren’t running background tasks that might slow your game down.

If you’re an Nvidia user like myself, you’ll want to turn the “Manage 3D” settings for Sekiro from “power management” to “prefer maximum performance”. Do the same for its texture filtering quality. These can be found in the Nvidia control panel.

Another thing you’ll want to do is to turn the vertical sync from the in-game Sekiro settings off, while turning the vertical sync in Nvidia on.

Also prioritize running the game in Directx11 since that’s usually more stable.

No In-Game Audio Fix

If you can’t hear the in-game audio, this might have to do with the settings of your playback devices. An easy fix for this is selecting your active audio device. After that, press configure on the bottom left. Select the right channel for your audio device and press next. Voila! Should be working now.

Also, if you’re using any third-party audio software such as ones provided by either Alienware or Realtek, disable those before launching the game. That should fix the issue.

Audio Fixes

If you’re having trouble either hearing specific things in-game (such as NPC dialogue) or you’re hearing a constant buzzing sound, that’s to do with your Playback devices. You can fix the specific sounds thing by configuring the audio device you’re using and putting it in the right channel.

For the buzzing, you’ll want to go into the properties of your audio device. Proceed to the “advanced” category and then pick the right format of your choosing. Try all of them just to be safe and make sure you’re experiencing the optimum quality.

FPS Uncapping

This fix is honestly unadvised from me since increasing the FPS beyond what the developers intended could cause issues in the game’s physics and other elements.

If you still insist, this mod unlocks the FPS as well as a few other options for how your HUD can look.


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