Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Combat Tips – Deathblows, Parrying, Posture System

Our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Combat Tips and Tricks will help you acquaint yourself with Combat System of the game, Deathblows, Parrying, and Resurrection.

Katana is the sword that will be the initial weapon you will be armed with and before you unlock the Skill Tree in the game, you will be defeating the enemies using that sword.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Combat

Attacking them with the regular attacks will not really hurt the large enemies but you can dodge, deflect, and then attack when he is weak and his Posture bar is full. Attack your enemies by using L1/RB and block by pressing L1/LB.

1. Dodging and Blocking

Attacking is the main skill you have to focus on but dodging and blocking is just as important. When the attacks are short-range, you should dodge the enemies.

If you have unlocked the Nightjar Slash Reversal, it will land your enemy with an attack and will create a certain amount of distance between you and him and you can plan your next move until the enemy recovers and pounces on you.

Block the enemy attacks but even that will somehow affect your Posture bar.


Hence, before the Posture bar breaks and you become open to enemy attacks, attack them with your sword or skills and break their Posture bar, land a Deathblow, and finish off the enemy.

The tougher enemies will take multiple Deathblows before dropping dead to the ground. You can use the Break of Life: Light (from Shinobi Arts) and recover your Vitality as you will be weak after landing a Deathblow.

2. Types of Deathblow

You now know that Deathblow is performed on an enemy once its Posture bar breaks. This ends your enemy. However, you can also perform a Deathblow even when the enemy is not paying attention. The Deathblows can be of three types:

  • Wall Deathblow
  • Aerial Deathblow
  • Ledge Grab Deathblow

You can sneak on your enemy but keep an eye on the triangle on top of their head. If it turns yellow, it means that the enemy is suspicious and if it turns red, that means that the enemy has spotted you.

The Deathblows are the finishing attacks but sometimes it can take more than one Deathblow if the enemy is tougher.

You will be aware of how many Deathblows your enemy needs. Look above the enemy’s health bar and you will see dots. The dots represent the number of Deathblows.

3. Posture System

Your Posture bar is different from your HP bar. Your enemy and you both will be having an HP bar and a Posture bar.

When you land attacks on your enemies your posture bar starts to fill up from the middle. Be quick to land blows and the posture bar can regenerate.

The regeneration depends on the health bar of your enemy. If your enemy has a longer health bar, this means your enemy’s posture bar will regenerate more quickly.

If you get on work to decrease his health bar, the HP bar will be low and the regeneration of the Posture bar will happen slowly.

Once your enemy’s Posture bar breaks, he will be open to attacks and here you will perform a Deathblow on him that will end your enemy.

Keep an eye on your Posture bar as well as your health bar. If you get your health decreased then breaking your Posture bar will be easy and if the enemy breaks it, he can end you or at least can attack you several times before you recover.

4. Deflection

Deflection is a method that will protect you and will damage the Posture bar of your enemy as well. You can deflect the enemy by pressing the same button as blocking but when you deflect, it will create a metal clanging sound.

You can use Ascending and Descending Carp (from Shinobi Arts) which will deflect and damage the enemy also damaging the Posture bar.

5. Combat Arts

There are Combat Arts in your Skill Tree that you will be unlocking in the game. The Combat Arts will provide you a major help in the combat situations.

These skills are bought by defeating enemies and gaining XP. XP help you in gaining the Skill Points using which you can but the skills from the Skill Tree.

6. Shinobi Prosthetic Arm

The one-armed Wolf has a Prosthetic Arm as a replacement of his real arm.

There are different tools that can be used in the arm such as the Chasing Slice that will perform a forward-dashing sword attack on the enemy or the Grappling Hook attack that will drag you towards the enemy and will perform a rolling sword attack.

These will be also bought from the Skill Point. The Grapple Hook that is attached to the Prosthetic Arm can be used to climb a building and can help the player to sneak behind the enemy. This will help you perform stealth attacks on the enemy.

7. Combos

You can also perform combos by performing an attack with the Prosthetic Arm and then continuing it with your Katana.

Attacks like Fang and Blade, Projected Force, Living Force. These attacks follow up the attacks from the sword after you have used the Prosthetic Tools.

Projected Force is a little different though. Others do follow up the sword attack after the Prosthetic Tool attack but Projected Force draws power from a Prosthetic Tool and shits it into the sword for a powerful attack.

8. Resurrection

If you die between a fight, you have a chance to resurrect your player by using a Sculptor’s Idol rest and when you are revived, you can defeat your enemy to fill your Resurrection bar.