Sekiro Crash Bug Is Causing Players To Lose All Of Their Progress

A recently-discovered Sekiro crash bug is apparently causing players to lose all of their progress in the game, forcing them to start back at square one. Since the game is already difficult enough without bugs messing things up, this isn’t a very popular bug among a lot of other players.

While thankfully the Sekiro crash bug is only affecting PC gamers, it’s still a fairly widespread bug, with gamers on GameFAQs, Reddit, and Steam all reporting the bug happening to them. Apparently, the game also normally only uses the game-wiping bug as the result of a force-quit (where you turn the game off via a task manager) or crashing.

So, as long as you turn the game off properly, the bug shouldn’t affect you, but there’s always the possibility of a crash happening anyway no matter how careful you are. At the same time, however, there are a few ways that you can circumvent the Sekiro crash bug and protect your saves.

The most important thing that you need to do is exit the game properly. You can do this by sitting at a Sculptor’s Idol, exiting to the main menu, and then exiting the game. You should also back up your save games at regular intervals, so that if your game crashes it can still access your save files somewhere, or you can put the files in and prevent them from being lost.

Being able to back up your saves to protect them from the Sekiro crash bug will also make playing it much more cathartic, especially if you save the game after defeating a particular troublesome boss, or just about to fight the final boss and beat the game.

Hopefully From Software will be able to fix the Sekiro crash bug on the PC so that this doesn’t happen anymore, but until then keep in mind all the stuff we told you to do to try and preserve your saves.

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