Sega Remasters Have Seen Success But It Won’t Make A Habit Of It

Sega has seen success with its new IPs and remasters. While the company intends to continue to release Sega remasters but, it also intends to introduce new IPs to keep things balanced.

This is according to Sega’s CCO, Toshihiro Nagoshi. Nagoshi noted during the recent earnings call that Sega has seen success in “revived IPs”. He added that Sega will continue to revive its past IPs along with investing in new IPs.

He further added that Sega won’t rely on its revived IPs too much. Having too much confidence in revived IPs will not yield expected results.

“However, we should not forget that, in addition to long-standing fans, we have to reach current players. Having too much confidence in past successes and simply trying to duplicate them will not generate products that earn acceptance in today’s environment.

He noted that Sega is taking “more bullish, forward-focused approach” for its IP development. By 2020 the company intends to invest in more new IPs and remasters.

One example of Sega’s commitment to new IPs is “Judge Eyes”. Judge Eyes is an upcoming action-detective title from the developers of Yakuza franchise.

Speaking of Yakuza, in recent years Sega has started to release Yakuza titles in the West and there is a good reason for it. According to Sega, the West has an increased appetite for games like Yakuza and that is why it is capitalizing on it.

Sega Europe’s executive vice president John Clark also talked about the future of the Yakuza title. He noted that Sega wants to represent the traditional Japanese IPs in the West.

We’re not turning every Yakuza title into an open-world Yakuza game. That’s not what’s happening. We’re representing the Japanese IP, the Japanese road map, the Japanese content to the relevant audience within the West.

As for Sega remasters, the company is trying to bring its old titles to Nintendo Switch. However, not every Dreamcast games will make it to Switch.

According to the team behind Sega remasters for Switch, it is yet undecided if Jet Set Radio would be ported to Switch. However, the team did express its desire to fulfill fan expectations.

Source: TweakTown

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