Sega Trademarks Sega NFTs, May Add To Controversial New Landscape

Sega NFTs may be coming as Sega files a trademark for them. The company may be getting ready to test the waters for a reaction.

One of the biggest scourges currently floating around the internet is the concept of NFTs, “non-fungible tokens” that supposedly grant people a piece of ownership of a certain property, usually some kind of picture. Now, despite statements to the contrary, Sega NFTs also seem to be coming to the market.

NFTs have proven to be a massive source of anger for gamers, as cryptocurrency fans buying out huge amounts of graphics cards and motherboards have driven the prices of such things up or affected the supply so badly that games such as Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion faced huge traffic backlogs due to a lack of servers. Cryptocurrency also has a massively negative environmental impact.

Various video game developers such as Square Enix and Ubisoft have also gotten into NFTs, though Sega had previously released a statement on Twitter saying that they wouldn’t go down that path if it proved to be unpopular or simply a moneymaking scam. While it’s unlikely they were lying, the Sega NFTs trademark might be them getting ready to do it anyway, or at least test the waters.

Considering Sega is one of the big gaming publishers and developers, there’d likely be a lot of things that the company could put into NFTs that could make them big money, but that depends on if they hold true to their promise to not do them if the backlash is great enough, or not.

Sega has been getting a lot of goodwill from gamers recently with the second Sonic movie, Yakuza, various bits of information on the upcoming Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers, which isn’t being rushed out of development, has acclaimed Sonic the Hedgehog comic book writer Ian Flynn in charge of the story, and more, but supporting NFTs would be a whole new level of backlash for them.

Various developers have attempted to get into NFTs recently, only to very rapidly backtrack due to an outburst of rage from their fans, so if Sega really does intend to try and make use of Sega NFTs, we can only hope the backlash for that is swift and painful so they learn their lesson.

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