See Infinity Blade For Kinect In Action In New Video

It was revealed yesterday that the famous iOS franchise Infinity Blade will be making its way to Xbox One (first in China) as a Kinect 2 title.

To see how the game will be played once you get your hands on it, check out the attached video above which showcases some players trying out Infinity Blade on Xbox One.

It seems that your left hand will act as a shield, while you will attack using your right hand. However, enemy’s speed of attacks and difficulty will vary in the different stages of the game.

Infinity Blade saga has been a huge success on iOS since its debut. The most recent entry in the series has been downloaded over 50 million times in just over a year of its release.

Developers are currently focused on bringing the game to Xbox One only, but they will consider PlayStation 4 version once the console has launched in China.

If the game gets the approval of Chinese Government, then it will come out for Microsoft’s new gen console before or after Chinese lunar year. Currently, Tencent Games has not touched on the subject of releasing the saga outside of China, but we will keep you informed as developers reveal more.

Are you excited about the launch of Infinity Blade saga on Xbox One?

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