Second Street Fighter 5 Beta Hit by Bugs; Capcom Explains the Issues

The second Street Fighter 5 beta went live a couple of hours ago, but if you are in the program, you would have already noticed severe bugs in the matchmaking system.

Capcom has also confirmed the issues and provided a clarification on how things are going to work moving forward.

We started testing earlier than scheduled, in an effort to optimize prior to our regularly scheduled beta dates. Unfortunately, several new issues arose last night in regards to our match-making system and the rate at which matches were made, and we are not confident that the matchmaking rate will improve significantly throughout the course of this beta period. That said, user experiences will vary.

Due to these reasons, Capcom has confirmed that the second Street Fighter 5 beta is not going to run as they were expecting. Matchmaking is going to be considerably slower, although you will be allowed to test out the Training Mode at anytime while you wait.

Also, the dummy in the Training Mode can now be tuned to be controlled by an AI or another player.

Capcom also confirmed that both the PS4 and PC versions of the Street Fighter 5 beta are now live although “following this beta and throughout the optimization process, we will continue to periodically turn on our servers for players to access.”

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