Upgraded Nvidia Shield Portable Spotted in FCC Listing

With all the electronics, tech, video game consoles coming up in 2017, like Nintendo Switch, ASUS gaming PC and more, a second Nvidia Shield portable has shown up in FCC listings recently.

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This past weekend, a new Nvidia Shield device was uncovered from some old FCC (Federal Communications Commission) file listings appearing back in July. List showed a device with same controller, flip screen and physical parameters as the original Nvidia Shield, except few revisions in size and physical parameters.

The unreleased device was uncovered because its confidentiality request expired. Hence, it went from private to public. Confidentiality request was submitted to FCC last summer under 180 day’s confidentiality request.

Moreover, the documents confirm that device has a new 802.11ac 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio, along with Bluetooth Low Energy Standard. Meanwhile, other spec remain unchanged as present in original device: HDMI port, Headphone port, microSD card slot.

Furthermore, according to filing, the second Nvidia Shield portable device features a new center module with capacitive buttons, along with a display larger than 5-inch panel from the first generation device. However, the overall dimensions of length, width, height appear to be bit shorter and thicker than the first device.

It measures 107.5mm tall, 138.6mm wide and 60.4mm thick (4.23 x 5.46 x 2.38 inches). Moreover, the measurement of previous device is 158mm tall, 135mm wide and 57mm thick (6.22 x 5.32 x 2.24 inches).

Last May, in another FCC filing appeared a second generation, 8-inch Shield tablet with 1920x1080p resolution. Device was based on Tegra X1 SoC that was undergoing further testing and validation procedures. However, in the wake of declining tablet sales last year, the company cancelled the project.

It has been three and half years since Nvidia Shield launched, back in July 2013, having a Tegra 4 processor. Consequently, it is highly likely for an upgraded hardware version of device to happen, therefore second Nvidia Shield is expected to launch sometime soon. However, Nvidia has to break the news officially to gamers who wait eagerly to know next plans on Shield. Check out the images below.

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