Sea Of Thieves Power Leveling Will Be A Different and Unique Take On Progression

Sea Of Thieves is being awaited by many of its fans and they are ready to get their hands on any piece of new information available regarding the game.

So if you are waiting for the game then you would find this interesting because according to Sea of Thieves design director there will be a unique and different take on the progression through Sea Of Thieves Power Leveling system.

Where most video games attempt to stop powerful players from increasing the survival rate for their less-accomplished friends Sea Of Thieves will let you do that and will let you work your way up the ranks.

It will let you even disguise yourself as a newbie and join an unsuspecting crew’s maiden voyages. So basically it will let you do whatever you feel is necessary to not only survive in the game but also rise up to the ranks and become a Legendary Pirate.

Interview with Edge Magazine, the game designer Mike Chapman said that the developers Rare do not want to provide a specific progression for the game because it limits the game in its story and gameplay. What they have in mind is a unique progression system.

According to Chapman, the developers have fully embraced the power leveling although he specifically added that “Power-levelling is, I guess, a bad thing in other games.” but referring back to Sea Of Thieves Power Leveling system he said it is going to be very different.

So it wouldn’t matter if you are a newbie or a Legendary Pirate, you want a taste of the other peoples level, if you have that itching of what have they got that you don’t then there will be no one to stop you.

This is going to be something really fascinating as we will get to see whether Legends play with legends to progress in the game or do they team up with the people who just started. Or better yet, do they shepherd other people into the game? Rare just wants its players to feel like celebrities.

The most interesting thing we know so far about the Sea Of Thieves is the Skeleton Forts. Vast Hordes of aggressive skeleton pirates are there on that island which will not let you set foot near it. Although players can choose to fight on foot as well as on vessels.

The game has been building a lot of hype and it seems like the developers are aware of that and they will be delivering what they have promised to the fans. With that said, Sea Of Thieves recently had its Beta rolled out and the turn out has been promising.

The Game is scheduled to roll out on March 20th, 2018 and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

So what are your thoughts on the Sea Of Thieves Power Leveling system and how it works? Let us know in the comments below.