Sea of Thieves Xbox Game Pass Players Locked Out Of Game, Rare Is Still Investigating

If you’ve been checking out Sea of Thieves through Xbox’s subscription service then you might be facing some bad news right now. All Sea of Thieves Xbox Game Pass players are currently locked out of the game due to an error that has just popped up.

As you might already know, Sea of Thieves is available to try through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC, even on a 14-day trial. However, right now players that try to access the game through the service are getting a “Do you own this game or app” message , just like they would do if they tried to access a game they don’t have.

This even crashed the game for players that were already in the game and right now they all get a 0x803f8001 error code, directing them to a support page. Rare has addressed the problem saying they are investigating it through Twitter. The statement reads:

Our team are currently investigating an issue affecting Game Pass players and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. We’ll update you as soon as we can.

There’s still no official update about the Sea of Thieves Xbox Game Pass error, however, there’s a war raging on Twitter right now between the game’s owners and those playing through the Game Pass.

This error piles up with all the other “Beard” problems currently happening. Rare has promised to support the game fully but having thousands of players locked out of Sea of Thieves for more than 3 hours doesn’t seem like a good start.

Note that a similar problem has been found on Xbox One a few days ago, denying players access to some of their own games due to Xbox Game Pass. This Xbox Game Pass bug caused some games to be inaccessible due to your subscription not being renewed, even if you own the game in a physical copy.

For what it’s worth, there’s still many other great games to try through Xbox Game Pass while you wait for the Sea of Thieves error to be fixed. Why not try Gears of War 4 of ReCore until a fix is up?

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