Sea Of Thieves Voyages And Sailing Guide – How To Start Voyages, Sailing (Beginners Guide)

This Sea of Thieves Voyages Guide is for finding and collecting ‘Voyages’ in Sea of Thieves. Additionally, it will also shed some light on the sailing mechanism in the game. Below, we include details for how the quests in the game work and how you could sail your way to completing them!

Sea of Thieves Voyages

Voyages are like quests in the game which help you earn gold and reputation for better progression in the game. These voyages are of varying difficulty some requiring many crewmembers while the easier ones can be carried out solo. The quests are acquired by talking to any of the three type of vendors in Sea of Thieves.

Each outpost will have one of these Trading Companies who can help you start a quest. The ‘Gold Hoarder’ is found in the beach region under a tent. These quests usually include finding treasure chests and bring them back to the vendor safely. The second one is the ‘Order of Souls’ found in a shop within an outpost.

Quests taken from this vendor include bringing back skulls to the vendor. The final vendor is the ‘Merchant Alliance’ found on the docks. They will require you to obtain livestock and other times scattered around the world and trade them back at the outpost. Each of these will grant you 3 options of voyages to choose from. Money will be deducted so choose one which you find interesting.

Next up, head to the Voyage Table on your ship. Set the selected voyage on the Captain’s table and propose it to your other teammates. If they all vote to say ‘Aye, aye, Captain!, then buckle up and start your engines. The information regarding that quest is automatically distributed to your crewmembers who can access it from their item wheel.

Place the acquired map in your inventory on the ship’s navigation map to find the island where the quest is to be carried out. With your engines off and running, let’s see how you can sail to your desired place without any issues.

How to Sail

Sailing will require continuous coordination with crewmembers and some crucial techniques. Firstly, raise the anchor on the upper deck of your ship by turning the wheel or more precisely the four arm crank. Keep moving the arm until a golden ring appears at which point the mechanism gets locked and you’re all set.

The other teammates are then given the job to lowering or unfurling the sails on the side and the back of the ship. The ship is sided with metal cleats which can be altered in height. Heights of these sails affect how fast or slow you ship moves. So a high sail will mean your ship might be a little sluggish.

In the process, one of the most difficult jobs is to determine the direction of the wind. Represented by white lines, winds will vary in which direction your boat steers into. Make sure your boat is sailing in the middle of these wind lines for a maximum boost in speed of the ship.

You can alter the angles between the wind lines and your ship’s general direction by using the small reel near the metal cleats on the vessel. This is carried out by pressing the action button (F) and adjusting the height by arrow keys.

For steering, the job is to handle the main wheel of the ship. Always read the compass next to it to navigate to the desired destination. While steering, always keeps in mind the course you have to take to reach north, south etc. You can revise the map under the decks on your ship which brings us to this next task.

One of your teammates can be assigned the job of going below deck and reading off the main map on the navigator’s table and giving you instructions. He will also fix holes to keep out water in case of an attack. Holes can appear in both the bottom of the deck or at deck level due to storms, enemy fire, etc.

Bring up planks by ‘Q’ key and press the ‘Use Item’ key i.e ‘LPM by default’. Planks are usually found in barrels which are scattered around the islands in the game. To dispose of the water that remains, bring up the bucket by ‘Q’ and use the item to pour water into it. Then throw the water overboard. Failure to do so will result in the ship getting sunk.

The ‘Spotter’ in the game is the job assigned to one who will look out for any trouble or danger ahead while sailing. He will run around the deck and climb up the crow’s nest to look for any threats.

Finally, you’ve reached your destination, what do you do know? Stopping the ship works in two ways. You can either drop the anchor (action button, default: LPM) to bring your ship to a halt.

Alternatively, you can raise your sails such to slow you down enough to become stationary. In both cases remember to stop the vessel before you hit the shoreline. Some islands will have piers where you can stop. Others which don’t prompt you to stop manually at a certain distance away from the shoreline.

This is all we have in our Sea of Thieves Voyages and Sailing Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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