Sea Of Thieves Treasure Maps Guide

This is a comprehensive Sea of Thieves Treasure Maps Guide which will cover all the Treasure Maps and chest locations in Sea of Thieves. The maps will be the source of earning for you and your friends so you can’t afford to overlook them.

Sea of Thieves Treasure Maps

Before anything else, you need to purchase a voyage to start your journey to the hidden treasure. These are purchased from vendors that you can find throughout the world of Sea of Thieves. Their presence is distinguished by ‘Shiny Tent’s where these so-called Gold Hoarders will be located.

These voyage locations will also come in handy when you need to sell the treasure and earn quite a bonus on it.

Anyways, interacting with the Gold Hoarders will begin the quest for acquiring hidden treasure chests. Completing the quest will result in these vendors handing you gold coins.

After you’ve acquired the voyage, a vote starts where the crewmembers can agree or disagree to starting the hunt for the treasure.

They also decide which voyage they want to go after. Unless, of course, you’re playing singleplayer which in that case requires no democratic rules. You can also propose and convince your teammates to go for a particular treasure hunt by summoning them to the Captain’s table.

Treasures in the game work like those in Red Dead Redemption. You don’t get the exact location pin pointed for you.

Instead, you get clues, puzzles, riddles or an outline of some landmarks that could potentially lead you to the treasure. These riddles may also appear gradually as you progress through your hunt for the treasure.

You can use the map acquired from the Gold Hoarder and match it with the main map in-game to highlight the island that you will need to reach to collect the treasure.

This is done by using the navigation table on your vessel. Some maps will require you to zoom in because of the various sizes of the island.

The harder work starts thereafter. Finding the actual chest will require close understanding of the clues that you have.

These clues will sometimes come up gradually as you progress through your hunt for the treasure chest. The treasure itself is marked by the ‘X’ on this minimap you acquired.

Once you’ve reached the precise location marked by the ‘X’ spot on your map, use a shovel and dig that area.

Keep digging until you hear a ‘thud’ sound indicating you’ve dug deep enough to reach the chest. Hooray! You’ve successfully achieved the treasure; well you can’t open them (sorry!).

You’ll need to escort it back to one of the Gold Hoarders. This is where the trouble kicks in since on your way back there will be loads of other pirates (other players) who will want to steal away your hard work. If you’re persistent though, you will make it back safely.

Earn your reward by handing the treasure back to the vendor. The actual reward depends on the rarity of the chests and your reputation with that particular Gold Hoarder.

Apart from the Treasure Chests, the Treasure Maps that you acquire from Mercenary Voyages earn you new items that have come as a part of the recent updates while the Treasure Maps of Skeleton’s Orders can lead you to find some truly valuable items.

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