Sea of Thieves the Hungering Deep Quest Guide

Our Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Quest Guide will help you complete the main storyline that comes with the latest DLC of Sea of Thieves titled ‘The Hungering Deep’.

Follow our Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Quest Guide for easy steps on how to help Merrick achieve his goal and uncover what mysteries lie in the latest content for the popular pirate adventure game.

Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Quest

The new content update brings a lot to the somewhat lacking original version of the game. Now players will be able to browse through even more cosmetic items, weapons and other tools to fill their kit.

However, the most interesting part is associated with an NPC named ‘Merry’ Merrick who has a job for you. Remember, you need to obtain the hints first before you head to the ultimate destination. There is no way around it.

Location of Merrick

Even when you start from the tavern in the game, you will see a member of Bilge Rat telling you to look for Merrick. To find the guy everyone is talking about, set sail for Shark Bait Cove.

This region is an island located in the Ancient Isles. Merrick can be found by moving southwest on this island.

Speaking with him and asking him about his lost legs, he will give you a hint to go to the middle of the island and look for what you can find near the shark statue.

1st Journal

At this statue right in the middle of the island, you will find Merrick’s journal which has two entries hinting towards a ‘Red haired and fair of face’ woman and her location being ‘ a tavern that stands at a shining place … where captains hang their hats, head there for boozy chats!”

Tina, the Barmaid
This all pertains to a barmaid named Tina who tends at Golden Sands Outpost.

Head northeast to find this particular tavern in between sector D12 and E12. Proceed to speak with and inquire about any drunk customer she has had to serve lately.

She will remember Merrick and tell you how he mentioned ‘The Killer Whale …. north of this place… Idiot Island or something… East of Double Trees’.

Although those are not actual names of the destinations you would want to head to, Tina may be misremembering. What she really means is that Merrick’s sunken ship is located on Fool’s Lagoon east of Twin Groves. This spot is situated in sector L14.

2nd Journal

Make your way to L14 and look for a small island that has remains of a sunken ship. It is easy to spot because of a mast sticking out from the water. Climb up this mast and collect the journal from a crow’s nest.

Reading the journal entries, you get the impression that Merrick carried a failed attempt at summoning some creature. You also get a hint which states ‘T’ served him a drink with a ‘nasty bite’. He is talking about Teri, in Dagger Tooth Outpost.

Teri, the Barmaid
Dagger Tooth Outpost can be reached by sailing to sector Q8. Here look for the tavern where Teri will be serving drinks.

Talking to her and asking her to recount any experiences with her drunk customers, she tells you about the time she partied with Merrick in a ‘fishy lil cave’ under the ‘golden arch’ and had a rock close by which had the face of Merrick’s ‘enemy’.

She also gives you directions to get there telling you to move west of South Tooth Key and near Old Boot Fort. This is located in sector S16.

3rd Journal

Make your way to S16 and sail west to find a small island here. Swim northeast of this island until you come across a stone arch leading to a cave.

Here near a statue, you can find the final journal entry by Merrick who gives a clue about the location of the beast he tried to summon or fight. He hints towards an ‘infernal ridge… where the seas are red”. Now make your way back to Merrick.

The Beast
After making your way back to Merrick and collecting drums, a tattoo and a title, prepare to hunt down the beast. The location hinted in the 3rd journal points towards sector T26 on the map.

Once near Merrick, begin playing the tune until you gather at least 5 crewmembers for the job. One person should continue with the shanty.

Once all the five players have boarded the ship and made it to T26, all should start with the tune along with the drums to summon the beast and finish it for good.

Use the Vanity Chest near Merrick, equip the newly acquired tattoo since it makes spotting the beast much easier. The tattoo will glow on each player as they summon the shark.

Defeating the Beast

The beast in this mission is the Megalodon, the ancient shark that roams the oceans. For this battle, you are going to need large amounts of inventory so be sure to bring a lot of cannonballs and wood planks. You will have to speak to Merrick for getting the drums.

You will need help from the other crews which is very important in this game.

Once you reach the destination in T26, your crew will join Merrick in the Shanty using their drums and that is how you would be able to call upon the hungering deep.

After the Megalodon takes a chunk out of your ship, get one or two people to start repairing the hull. After taking down the beast, return to Merrick at Shark Bait Cove (I-24) to collect the rewards!

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