Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Forts And Raids Guide – How To Complete, Stronghold Keys, Finding Skull Clouds

This Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts and Raids Guide will cover how Raids work in the game. Whenever you see a skull cloud thingy in the sky, don’t run away or be scared! Our Sea of Thieves Guide is here so you head right into the trouble and end up conquering it.

Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts and Raids

Once in a while you’ll see a skull appearing in the sky at a distance. It might have green or red eyes and it’ll be a giant cloud. The rewards and bounty is definitely worth it to go over all the kick-ass trouble you can get here.


Beforehand, prepare yourself for everything since the fight’s going to be a tough one. There’ll be a tonne of formidable enemies including a variety of skeletons. So bring only the most powerful weapons into the battle and make sure you’ve got enough resources to replenish health.

Bananas will aid in health regeneration while blunderbuss and cannonballs will help in combat. Moreover, you just can’t head into the fight solely since it could become near impossible. So go in there with as many crewmembers you can. Cooperation is key here.

The Fight

As you approach the stronghold beneath the skull cloud, you’ll be attacked by land-based cannons. Return this with fire from your vessel and repair any damages to your ship. Once you land, you can choose to split into two parties: one defending the ship and attacking any enemies approaching it, the other one heading out to the island and clearing waves and waves of enemies.

You will face a tonne of tough enemies requiring you to adopt different strategies. All kinds of skeletons will be attacking you from all sides; you can find information on specific Skeleton Classes by heading over to the link.

Eventually, if you clear out these waves of enemies successfully, the Skeleton Captain will appear with a captain hat on its head. He will have a higher HP than the normal skeletons so all your crewmembers should focus on attacking it.

Once downed, the boss will drop the Stronghold Key. Head to the major tower’s central keep and use this key to open the door with the same Green skull on it as the key you hold. Opening the door, you will be granted with some valuable loot with overall worth of goods up to 15,000 coins varying for different raids of course.

The Escape

Be careful on your way out. You may be greeted with some other skeletons or worse, another pirate crew ready to steal of everything you’ve gathered. Head quickly back to where you parked the ship. This is one of the reasons why you should park your boat at a place from where you can quickly head off or into the island.

If you managed to avoid getting hit by skeletons and successfully brushed off human foes, well then you’ve accomplished an impressive feat. You’re walking away with that much deserved gold!

This is all we have in our Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts and Raids Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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