Sea Of Thieves Ships Guide – Which Ship To Choose, Anchoring, Steering, Combat, Repairs And Customization

This Sea of Thieves Ships Guide will ensure that you know all basics of ships before you begin your voyage. Everything from repairs to the types of ships.

Ships are perhaps the most important part of Sea of Thieves. You need to have a ship and you need to know how to manage it and get the most out of it. However, the Sea of Thieves Ships are quite complex and it is not easy to know how to make sure they work at their maximum potential.

This Sea of Thieves Ships Guide will ensure that you know of all of the basics of your ships before you begin your voyage. Everything from repairs to the types of ships and combat will be mentioned so you have a clear understanding of the mechanics of your ship.

Which Sea of Thieves Ships Should You Choose?

There are two different kinds of ships that you can use. The first one is the Galleon. The Galleon requires 3 or 4 people for it to work properly. It has eight different cannons of firepower along with an extremely high speed due to its three large sails. Since they rely on the wind so much, they can be quite slow if there is not enough of it to push them forward.

Sloops can be used by solo players or pairs of two. They are not as powerful as the Galleons but they have their own perks. They are quite lightweight and only require one sail. This means that while they are not as fast on top speed, they can be much faster when going against the wind. They only have two cannons so straight forward combat is generally not a good idea.


Using the wind is perhaps one of the most important skills that you can have. The direction changes constantly and you can look at the flow of the wind to account for it. Wind will impact your speed when moving and your boat should be angled in a way that the gusts blow directly behind it. If you sail directly into the wind then your speed will be the lowest.

Sail length will also impact your speed. Lower sail lengths will are generally better in most cases as they allow you to get the most wind but it can occasionally be better to raise them in places where the water is confined. You can adjust the length and the angle using ropes on the sides of the Galleon whereas the Sloop has two ropes on the back of the ship.


Steering and Anchoring
You can steer your ship using the wheel. Your wheel can turn four complete rotations and sharp turns usually require two rotations to either side. Once completely rotated, the wheel locks in place and it can only go back.

You can plot your destination using a map table and use it to navigate to nearby islands. Use your compass to make sure you have selected the correct bearing and keep on checking back to the map to make sure you are on the right course.

As far as raising the anchor is concerned. You need to make sure that you raise it before you set sail. If you do not, then the ship will not move. If you drop the anchor during the sail, then the ship will quickly slow down to a halt as fast as possible.

Combat in Ships

When you see other players, then make sure you know what you are doing. Your cannons are the main source of damage that you have. You have four cannons on each side of the Galleon and one on each side of the Sloop.

You have to fire at enemy ships and make them sink before they do the same to you. To fire, load a cannonball from your inventory or the stash on the ship and make sure you account for the speed, distance and the wind when firing.

The best place to attack the enemies is below the water line, as this will immediately flood the ship with water. Alternatively, you can also charge the ship on foot to try to take out enemies one by one. This may have a high risk, but it will allow you to quickly wind up fights.

Repairing Ships

When your ship is damaged, you will need to repair it. However, do not worry since the process is not that complex. To repair your ship, go to the hull breaches and find the barrels with the wooden planks. These planks can be used to cover the holes that are causing your ship to be flooded.

Pick them up and place them over the holes. After that, use the bucket to clean up the water that has penetrated your ship. You have to scoop up the water quickly though, otherwise there will be permanent damage to your ship.

Customizing Ships

To customize your ships, you need to get Gold. This Gold can be earned as you complete various different contracts or find loot to sell to other merchants. Once you have this Gold, you will be able to spend it on various different parts of your ship to make it stronger than before. To spend your Gold, head over to the docks and look for a shop near the area where you would board your ship.

That is all we have for our Sea of Thieves Ships Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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