Sea of Thieves Has No Long Term Road Map, They Want To Be Reactive

Sea of Thieves is around the corner, but it looks like there is no long-term roadmap for the game. Recently in an AMA over the weekend on Reddit, Rare was asked whether do they have a long-term roadmap for the game or not, which they replied to by saying they want it to be a mystery going forward.

Reddit user requested will the players get a published 12-month road map of the game, in reply to which, Joe Neate, the executive producers said:

“I think we’re only ever likely to cover a few months ahead to maintain mystery (so you can be surprised and delighted) and so we can be reactive. Things will change as Sea of Thieves evolves. We want to have the time to reveal what the features mean for players before we put them in their hands. We’ve taken a show not tell policy for the entire project so far and we’re committed to that”.

This means that the community feedback along the way will play a crucial role how the game shapes up to be after its first year. Recently Rare revealed the full achievement list in before which they asked the community about the type of achievements they want, according to the response from people they have come up with riddles. All of the achievements are in form of a riddle but don’t worry there’s a forum on Rare’s site which will help you understand it once someone deciphers the code.

Sea of Thieves is a pirated themed action adventure game exclusive to Xbox only. If you are looking forward to an upgrade to Xbox One S with free Sea Of Thieves copy you can follow this guide on how to preorder.

Sea Of Thieves will be releasing on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on 20th March 2018.

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