Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Quest Guide

The new update for Sea of Thieves, A Pirate’s Life brings a brand new story arc to the game with a bunch of new missions, loot, and much more. We will be helping you with Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Quest that sets you out on a journey to find a hidden treasure.

But before you go any further, make sure you keep the Cursed Captain’s head instead of putting it on the skeleton.

Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Quest

To begin the Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Quest, head to the Sailor’s Grave. Make your way towards the lighthouse. You will start hearing Cursed Captain’s dialogues. Head in the direction of the voice and look for a wrecked ship. Enter the ship and go to the Captain’s room.

Poor Dougie’s Key Location

Light up the candle on the table and you will see three ghosts pointing at a marked location on the map. Exit the ship from the opening on your right and head towards the blowing candle under the dock right in front of you.

Start digging where the chests are and you will find Poor Dougie buried in the sand. He will request you to find the hidden treasure chest that is near you.

Poor Dougie’s Chest Location

To find the hidden chest, go to the location where you will find skeletons playing chess. To the left of where the skeletons are near the back of the ship, you will find a chest poking out of the sand.

Dig the chest out and take it back to Poor Dougie. He will give you the key to open the chest. Upon unlocking the chest, you will get the Poor Dougie’s Medallion.

Captain Bones’ Secret Recipe Location

Take the medallion to the skeletons that are playing chess and put it on the table near them. Go to the pulley system and move the panels using the pulleys just so that you can jump on them. Enter the small cave on your right and you will find the Captain Bones’ recipe that you can pick up.

Take the recipe back to the skeletons and give the drink to the skeleton on the right. His head will explode and Cursed Captain will suggest that you put his head on Captain Bones’ body.

Unlock the Ship and Get the Treasure

Place the Medallion on the table and place Cursed Captain’s head on the body. Wait for him to win the game and take the key to the locked ship. Unlock the ship and you will find the gold treasure. This will unlock the access to Secret of the Grave and Headless Monkey Journal commendations that you can complete.