New Sea Of Thieves Expansion Brings Demanded Features and Improvements

New Sea Of Thieves Expansion called Shrouded Spoils arrives today with an update. This new Sea Of Thieves Expansion brings a lot of new features to the game and does fulfill some of the most requested additions.

This new Shrouded Spoils expansion in Sea Of Thieves update is coming to both Xbox One and PC.  This update also includes the long-awaited fog which was detailed in November 21 Developer Update by Joe Neate.

This new update was officially revealed on Twitter. The game will go offline between 10 AM and 2 PM GMT for server maintenance. Polygon has now shared some details about this update.

This new Sea Of Thieves DLC brings fog to the game which is a danger to any sailor. It’ll make it worse when you have a Kraken surrounding you. So keep an eye out in the sea.

Also, finally, giant monsters like the Kraken and Megalodon will now drop loot. Yes, now you can defeat them to receive some good loot. Though it’s not going to be an easy task as Kraken is also being rewarded with some new moves.

Kraken has now got a new attack called “Kraken slap”. Kraken will now also deal more damage than ever before so come prepared. Killing each tentacle will reward you with some shiny new goodies. The megalodon is also getting some visual improvements along with goodies for you to receive.

There are new merchant alliance items to find now in the game. These include Mega-keg, Crate of Ancient Bone Dust and Mermaid Statue Gems. More Skeleton forts are now also present.

New ship customizations have been also added through this Sea Of Thieves DLC so you can express yourself. These customizations include the cannons and wheel. The ominous mermaid statues are back once again. They will be now dropping some gems which you can then sell to Merchant Alliance to receive gold and reputation.

This new Shrouded Spoils DLC in Sea of Thieves is going to be the last one of 2018. As for 2019, Rare has some big things planned for us. In 2019, Rare promises to give us a new game mode called The Arena. The upcoming expansion will bring PvP for the first time in the game.

Announcing #SeaOfThieves: The Arena – a new competitive game mode coming in 2019. Prove your worth in the game’s fifth free content update, test your pirating skills against other crews and impress the new Trading Company – the Sea Dogs.

This new company called Sea Dogs will provide the players with new challenges and some exciting rewards to unlock.

So there’s a lot of new content coming. Don’t worry as all of it will be absolutely free. Rare has promised that every future update content is going to be free.

Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its launch. The game was not received very well. Almost every player has complained that there was a lack of content in the game. Since then, Rare has been working to improve the experience and to offer new ways to have fun in the game.

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