Sea Of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide – Who Is The Mystery Man In SOT?

The Mysterious Stranger is one of the most mysterious (sorry!) people in the game. There has been a lot of speculation as to what it does and how it figures into the game. As of right now, most of the people do not know what purpose he serves in the game, and that is where this Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide comes in.

This Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide will relay everything that we know about the Mysterious Stranger to you. We will tell you where he is found, and the speculation surrounding him in the Sea of Thieves community as of right now.

Who is Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger?

The Mysterious Stranger was discovered by the players of the game as soon as the game went live. He was always found towards the backside of the tavern, in a dark area where he was barely visible.

Every single player only found him here, and nowhere else. This led to people asking a lot of questions as to what the purpose of the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger was and how could he be useful to them. As of right now, no one is sure of the actual purpose of the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger. However, we will update this guide as soon as new information is available to us.

Rumors Surrounding the Mysterious Stranger

When people try to talk to the Mysterious Stranger, he always tells people that they are not worthy and that their reputation is not good enough.

This means that the players need to have a reputation of at least Level 5 before they can talk to the Mysterious Stranger. However, upon returning to him after achieving that level, players are simply told the same thing once again and asked to get Level 10 with each faction before they speak to the Mysterious Stranger again.

This continues until god knows when. However, from what we have heard, chances are that once you get to a specific level with all of the factions, the mysterious stranger will award you with the Pirate Legend status.

Since that is the end game of Sea of Thieves, it seems as if the Mysterious Stranger will have a huge role to play in the game. Upon attaining the Pirate Legend status, players will gain access to a specially reserved area for all of the Pirate Legends and an exclusive ship not available to other players.

That is all we have for our Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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