Sea of Thieves Lords of the Sea Tall Tale Guide

In this Sea of Thieves, Lords of the Sea Tall Tale guide, we will walk you through the whole Lords of the Sea quest added to SoT with A Pirate’s Life update and explain to you how to complete this quest. Let’s begin!

Sea of Thieves Lords of the Sea Tall Tale

In Sea of Thieves, Tall Tales are voyages based on different stories you can experience with or without your pirate crew. Each Tall Tale has its own story that includes solving quests, puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and using different techniques.

Lords of the Sea Tall Tale is the 5th and final Tall Tale in the Sea of Thieves Season 3, A Pirate’s Life update. You and your crew will embark on a journey where you have to stop Davy Jones and his plans to destroy the Sea of the Damned.

Let’s look step by step at how to begin the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale journey and reach Davy Jones. Let’s Sail!

How to Start the Lord of the Sea Tall Tale

To start with the “Lord of the Sea” Tall Tale, you need to make your way towards the Castaway’s Camp at an outpost and vote on a Quest Book. Vote for the Lord of the Sea and begin the Tall Tale.

Here the whole crew will appear and discuss the ongoing situation with Davy Jones. Jack will express his disappointment in Davy Jones for using Jack’s treasure in the ritual and having ill intentions. Davy Jones has clutched the power for him, and Dark Brethren that lets both of them move freely between the two worlds.

They further discuss that Davy Jones is planning to destroy the Sea of the Damned and the Ferryman. Jack apprises that if Jones is able to execute his plan successfully, only pirates that swore to his oath will be allowed back from the land of the dead. And the rest will lose their freedom as everything will be under his control.

Anamaria will show her frustration over not having the ship and that Jones is already on the fleet to destroy everything. However, Jack interrupts and explains that he has a speedier alternative.

Jack will command you to run around and gather everything essential and the items that will be needed for the sail. Meanwhile, Calypso will find Davy Jone’s location with the Dagger that Jack took from the Flying Dutchman.

Go around and stock up on loads of supply before you begin your journey. As most of this Tall Tale will take place on your ship, make sure you have everything. Start collecting supplies, weapons, and food and store them in the barrels. Approach the Merchant and purchase the Cannonball Crate to help in defense against enemies.

Prepare for the sail by pulling down the canvas and steer the helm. Keep looking at the map until you’re led to Davy Jones.

Sail to Davy Jones Cloud

As you’re sailing through the gloomy sea, you’ll find a big black cloud emerging in the sky with two green eyes.

Davy Jones Cloud will tell you that you are already late, and the Sea of the Damned has already pledged their allegiance to him. He says that he has promised them that he will dominate the world. He will then tell you that the ghost ships will defend the Spire until his work is done.

Combat Ghost Ships

You’ll be surrounded by approximately ten ships around you. The only effective way for you to take them down is to fire your cannonballs towards them. Each ship requires three cannon shots to get destroyed.

You’ll have to steer the wheel towards your targeted ship and run to the launcher and fire the cannons. Keep steering and shooting till all of these disappear. You can also use your rifle, but the most effective way is to destroy them with cannon shots.

You also have to make sure to run back to the hull every time your ship gets shot and repair it with the wooden plank. Use a bucket to take out water as well.

In the midst of your combat with the ghost ships, the giant mermaid statues will emerge from the sea.

Destroy Mermaid Statue

This Mermaid Statue will have a red sphere laser coming out of it that will harm you if you sail into it.

You have to shoot five cannonballs at the statue to take it down. While you try to do that, other ghost ships will continue attacking you. Steer the wheel to the ghost ships nearby and shoot at them to clear your way.

Go near the statue and shoot the cannonballs until it comes apart. Once you’re able to destroy it, the ghost ships will also disappear.

Just as you have destroyed the first statue, Jones will appear again and warn you how you will be outnumbered soon. And just after that, multiple Mermaid statues will emerge from the sea.

Black Pearl

Just as the Mermaid Statues rise and ghost ships will come back too. Jack will realize how they have been outnumbered and need more help. Jack will now make use of his ghostly Black Pearl.

As the fight gets intense, we recommend you focus on repairing the ship side by side. The ship will receive more damage, so keep repairing the hull and take out the water with the bucket.

Steer the helm to the targeted statue and shoot seven times to collapse it. Keep shooting at the statues and the ghost ships. The fight will get more intense when ocean crawlers will appear in your ship and start attacking you.

Taking them down won’t be a hassle. Fill a bucket of water and throw it at them or simply shoot at them. Once you get rid of them, go back and shoot towards the statues.

Damned Captains

If you thought the fight was intense, you were wrong. The fight gets intense now! Davy Jones has doubled the ghost ships, and they are stronger than ever. You’ll have to shoot these ships ten times each to get rid of them. The fight will get more and more complex, and you need to act fast.

Shoot, Run, and Repair! Keep repeating the process of attacking the enemies and healing your ship. The crawlers will also reappear from time to time, so you need to take care of them as well.

Calypso will have a dialogue with Jones in the midst of this madness where she’ll ask him to come back to the old days, but Jones will decline.

As the dialogue ends, Jack will announce that Captain of the Damned has heard Calypso’s call, and they will sail together with them now.

Even though you have more firepower with you, Jones has dispatched ships that outnumber your crew easily. Keep fighting along with Jack and wipe them out.

Into the Spire

Make your way to the flat land by fighting the ghost ships and park your ship there. Repair your ship by hammering the wooden planks to the hull and taking out the water. Calypso will strike the Spire with the lightning and make way for you to enter. You’ll enter the Spire.

You have to make your way all the way up to the top to proceed with the battle. To get up there, you’ll have to circle around the platforms, jump on the ledges and climb the ladders.

You’ll find a room at the top, go in there. When you enter, you’ll find a man standing next to the Dead Man’s Chest.

Before you could open it, you’ll have to take down many phantoms that will attack you. Kill them all with your gun and look if one of them has dropped the key to the chest.

Find the key and use it to open the chest. As you open the chest, it will reveal a locket inside it. Lightning Bolts from the locket will start hitting the sky, and Calypso will tell you to run away before the spiral collapses.

Drop straight down to the water and climb up to the ship. Repair the ship really quickly and get it moving.

Flying Dutchman

As you sail the ship from the spiral, Jones will now dispatch the Flying Dutchman and try to take you down. As Jack tells, this ship is hard to take down, and the crew needs to brace for the intense impact it sends out. The ship creates powerful shockwaves that will damage your ship and create several holes in it.

While you attack Jone’s ship, you need to repair the several holes that are created due to the shock waves. Keep taking out the water from time to time as well.

There’s no new technique that you can use here to take down the ship.  Keep reloading the launchers and the guns and attack Jone’s ship. You really have to give all you’ve got and steer the wheel and attack. Keep shooting cannonballs and avoid the shockwaves if you can.

Keep shooting till the ship finally sinks, and Davy Jones Cloud gets angry. Soon the ghost ships will sink too, and the clouds will clear up. The waves will rise up and down, and you’ll see the Black Pearl appearing.

Get on the Black Pearl

As you’re sailing, Jack’s Black Pearl will emerge on the surface of the sea. Get your ship near to it and park it there. It’s not just a ghost anymore; you’ll be able to sail on it as well.

Drop down from your ship and climb up the ladder. Here the crew will be conversing when Ferryman will appear and bring Jack back to the land of the living.

And that’s it, pirates! You’ll pay your farewell, and Jack will promise that he’ll meet you again. Aye, Aye, Captain, good job on completing Lords of the Sea Tall Tale in SoT A Pirate’s Life!

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