Sea of Thieves Lords of the Sea Journal Locations Guide

Every tall tale in Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life DLC comes with its own set of commendations and collectibles. This guide will help you track down and every journal spread across the Lords of the Sea mission in Sea of Thieves by giving their precise locations.

Sea of Thieves Lords of the Sea Journal Locations

These journals scattered across the entire Lords of the Sea tall tale in SoT A Pirate’s Life expand upon the stories of Jack Sparrow and other friends or foe you encounter so it is a good idea to collect them if you are interested in the lore.

You first have to battle a fleet of Ghost Ships and destroy the Large Mermaid Statues, this unlocks access to the Spire in Sea of Thieves, where you can find all of the Lords of the Sea journals.

Forsaken Pirate Journals, Trapped in the Sea Of The Damned

Journal #1: Perdition of The Past

Get on the spire and start making your way up to the covered part. Inside, along the left wall, you can find ghosts holding candles. Look for the journal next to the Third Ghost.

Journal #2: Marooned

Keep on heading higher up, and you will reach a bridge made of wooden planks. Cross it and look to your left, the journal is right beside the ghost holding the candle.

Journal #3: A Strange Escape

This is getting tiring we know, but you have to keep heading higher in the Spire. After you reach your first ladder. Climb it, and a huge room/cell or a Brig will be visible, the journal is on a plant inside the Brig.

Journal #4: I Serve Davy Jones

Just after the brig, your path will force you to slide down a shipwrecked hull. Look for the journal in the North-Western corner.

Journal #5: A Company Man

From the hull climb up to the top of the shipwreck. Look for another Ghost, and the journal will be on the right side of the ghost on the top deck.

Jack’s Journals On The Black Pearl

All five of Jack’s Lords of the Sea Journals are aboard the ship, Black Pearl, and getting these is difficult as in, you only reach the Black Pearl near the end of the Tell Tales expansion, right after your fight with Davy Jones.

Journal #1: A Rumor

The first journal is pretty easy to locate, it can be found on top of the desk, right in front of the Ship’s Wheel.

Journal #2: A Plan

Another Journal is right behind the ship’s wheel. Go under the black mast, and it’s right there on top of the railing.

Journal #3: A Longing

Head inside the Captain’s Cabin. The journal is on the table in front of the captain’s chair.

Journal #4: A Theft

Go to the foot of the front Mast on the top most deck, you can find another journal there.

Journal #5: A Problem

From the stairs near the front mast, go below duck, the next journal is right in front of the pillar from the front mast continuing below deck, near some barrels.

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