Sea Of Thieves Launch Was Successful According To Rare, Four Teams Working On New Content

Sea Of Thieves has had a fair share of mixed reviews, where the game has become the fastest-selling Rare title ever, its lack of content and consistent in-game issues have earned it a lot of negative critical response. That said, apparently Rare is pretty much satisfied with the performance of the game so far, according to them, Sea Of Thieves Launch has been a successful launch.

Since Rare likes to think that Sea Of Thieves Launch was a successful one, they have also decided to double down on providing the content to the game at a steady pace now. Which is a good step as the major reason for the negative reviews the game has been getting to begin with, was the complete lack and utter paucity of content in it.

The executive Producer Joe Neate in an interview said,

“Ultimately we’ve had a successful launch of Sea of Thieves”.

Then talking about their issues with the servers and some updates he said,

“Getting more players than we expected. We took a little time getting the servers stabilized and so on. We came out of the gate strong, and now, our opportunity and focus are making Sea of Thieves a success long term. Let’s keep acquiring new players, let’s engage the players that have played. We’re doubling down, tripling down on the number of people working on the game, the amount of content we want to add. We hear the feedback, we’ve talked openly I think regarding top feedback points, addressing private, closed crews and so on.”

Furthermore, he also acknowledged the criticism Sea Of Thieves has been receiving and said, that the company is working on more and better content. He said that the fans can rest assured that there is awesome stuff coming in the game.

Highlighting more on the topic he explained that Rare has been divided into four teams, all dedicated to provide the players, with the stream of content post-launch.

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Source: WindowsCentral