Sea Of Thieves Hungering Deep Update Might Bail The Game Out From Past Criticism

Rare’s Sea Of Thieves has had a fair share of criticism since it launched. Although becoming the fastest selling Rare title ever, it still went through some issues which loured in a lot of negative reviews.

Yet there still is a huge fan base that still has high hopes for the game. Apparently Rare is also of the opinion that Sea Of Thieves has had a successful launch and now the roots are set strong, so they can further concentrate on making the game even better.

The Hungering Deep Update that rolled out is perhaps considered to be one of their significant steps in the future development of the game.

The first big content update for Sea Of Thieves, The Hungering Deep launched just a while back and the word is that is just might be a huge step taken by the company, which just might prove better for the title in terms of future prospects.

After all those issues faced by the players in the game, The Hungering Deep is a very important update. Not mainly because of what it has brought in but rather, how the features it has brought in, work together in synchronization to reinvigorate the game.

The kind of focus the game lacks has been brought in by this Hungering Deep Update. The quest of Captain Ahab to find and kill the ancient aquatic beast is something that fans have been waiting for. The game will perhaps, regain its lost focus through this quest.

This quest is just tip of the iceberg, the real chunk this update has brought in is the boss battle that requires minimum five people to team up. Since galleons are limited to four players, crews are required to lay down their arms and work together in order to take down the beast. Apart from all this, Rare has also introduced some really classic and genuinely brilliant tools that just might prove to be a game changer.

Apparently what seems to be happening is that if this update keeps on working its magic, the lost soul of the sea may find its way back.

Having said that, Sea Of Thieves Hungering Deep Update does have some disappointments attached to it as well but to be honest, disappointed is something that doesn’t seem to influence much at this point.

Have you checked out the Hungering Deep Update? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.