Sea Of Thieves Had Over 1 Million Unique Players in 48 Hours

Sea Of Thieves launched a few days ago and we recently discussed the various bugs and issues being faced by players during the game. It is of no surprise to have a rough launch day for the game.

To address the issues, Rare Studio Head Craig and Executive Producer Joe Neate released a video on Youtube channel detailing the team’s plan to address the issues and bugs of the game.

During the video, they announced that they passed over 1 million unique players in just 48 hours after the release in New Zealand. It was noted that 5000 people joined the game per minute. These increasing number of players caused the game to encounter some bugs and issues on the launch day.

People were unable to join online matches due to the huge number of players. Players have also encountered performance issues on the Xbox One X which they have taken into consideration and in the video they are looking forward to fixing performance issues on the Xbox.

Rare will be releasing an update hopefully next week to solve the issues. Sea of thieves launched into Xbox Game X for subscribers which means people will be taking 14-day trial and trying out the game.

Recently it was revealed that players were experiencing buys like they weren’t able to earn gold after completing a quest which was really annoying, but Rare did tell a temporary solution to it which was to close the game and relaunch it by matchmaking again which caused the gold and items to come back to you.

Other bugs were also reported when players couldn’t see items and clothing, various error codes were also seen on the screen. You can take a look at our guide if you are experiencing a bug and how to avoid it.

The game can now be played on Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

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