Sea Of Thieves Gold Guide – How To Farm, Protecting The Treasure, Quests (Gold Farming Tips)

This Sea of Thieves Gold Guide will cover all ways that can help you acquire gold and rewards in Sea of Thieves. Not only will we highlight various ways to achieve the gold coins but also how quick you can obtain them. So let’s get into our Gold Guide for the pirate adventure!

Sea of Thieves Gold

First and foremost way of acquiring gold in Sea of Thieves is completing the quests. These ‘Voyages’ can be acquired from one of the three available factions in the game. Each is located in different outposts in the world of Sea of Thieves. These include the Gold Hoarder, The Merchant Alliance, and The Order of the Souls. Gold Hoarder out of all the other parties will offer the most gold and rewards for your bravery!

Their signature tent is distinguished by the dark purple color. You can acquire up to 3 voyages from them at a given time. Once these voyages take up the slots in your inventory, set the sails and off you go. We recommend completing at least 2 voyages during your sails and only return to the outpost thereafter. You will save up on your time this way and also maximize your gold coin tally.

With opportunities come risks. Having two treasure chests on board will mean loss will be greater in case of an attack from other pirates. Additionally, if your ship sinks, you lose all the treasure and with it your precious hard work. So always, stay cautious, attentive, and anticipate any threat and be ready to eliminate it.

Bringing back the chests or other items safely to the vendors will earn you a hefty amount of gold. It will also increase your points of reputation with the particular vendor increasing your rewards and bonuses for later voyages. The other method of earning gold is much quicker but much more challenging. Occasionally, while on the high seas, you’ll notice a cloud in the sky resembling a giant skull. This indicates the exact location of a ‘Skeleton Fort’.

In the Skeleton Fort, you have to battle your way through hordes of skeletons which can only be overcome by brute force. If you’re up to take the risk, then the rewards are big too. You get at least 4000 gold coins for your trouble which is much more than what you can earn from a single voyage acquired by one of the factions.

With those shiny things in your pocket, you could go for a variety of things. For one, you can dress up yourself in any foolish or macho way you like. Moreover, you can purchase weapons like snipers or pistols and even decorate them. However, most importantly, you can use these pieces of gold to upgrade your ships and make yourself an even stronger force to be reckoned with!

This is everything we have in our Sea of Thieves Gold Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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