Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide – How to Fish, Cooking, Fish Locations and Baits

In this Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide, you’ll learn about the new update after which you can now go on a fishing trip, baits, fish locations, cooking fish, and some general tips and tricks pertaining to fishing in the game.

Sea of Thieves Fishing

After the recent update, your inventory now automatically has a fishing rod that you can use on your fishing trips. Moreover, you can find three types of baits. However, some fish can be caught without using bait.

In order to equip your fishing rod with bait, you’ll have to first equip or hold the rod. Holding the left bumper will let you access the Fishing Menu on which you can select the type of bait you would like to place on your rod.

Bait, on the other hand, can be found on the Island. However, you can only carry 10 pieces of bait. At maximum, you can carry 11 pieces of bait by placing one on your rod and the remaining 10 as a backup.

Each bait helps lure a certain type of fish. Location at which you’re fishing also matters. The good thing is that the game provides a full page of information about different baits, when/where to use them, and descriptions.

How to Fish?

In order to cast your line, you’ll have to stand near the ocean. You’ll then have to press LMB to cast your line at a further distance. To retrieve your line, press the RMB but be careful, you could lose your bait if you press the RMB too many times.

After the line is set, you’ll just have to wait for the fish to eat the bait, once you realize that a fish is stuck don’t press the right mouse button, instead press the left mouse button to reel it in.

However, if the fish is pulling left, press D and if it’s pulling right, press A. If the fish is going back, press S. This will help counter the pull of the push. Eventually, the fish will get exhausted and will submit to the rod.

After the fish is on deck, you’ll just have to retrieve it from the rod. However, if you don’t have space in your inventory, you’d not be able to retrieve it. In your food inventory, you can hold upto 5 items.

Cooking Fish

Every pirate ship has a stove on which you can cook fish. However, you’ll need to find a pan without which cooking isn’t possible. Pans can be found on islands at areas like outposts, campfires, etc.

Cooking on a pirate ship isn’t an easy task, as there aren’t instruments that can help you tell whether the fish is cooking or not. Moreover, if you eat a poorly cooked fish, there are chances of food poisoning while if you overcook it, you’ll burn it.

Monitor the eye of the fish! Once it turns white, this will indicate that the fish is ready. At first, the pan will be giving out a lot of steam. Once the steam stops or is comparatively less than before, turn off the stove.

If you don’t feel like eating the cooked fish, you can sell it to the hunters. This will earn you precious resources. In Sea of Thieves, there’re around 50 different types of fish available that you can catch, retrieve, and cook. A few fish types in Sea of Thieves are:

Fishing Locations and Baits
Pondies Found in inland pools. No bait required.
Islehoppers Found around islands. No bait required.
Plentifins Found in the Shores of Plenty. Earthworms as bait.
Wildsplashes Found in The Wilds. Earthworms as bait.
Ancientscales Found in the Ancient Isles. Leeches as bait.
Devilfish Found in boiling Devil’s Roar water. Grubs as bait.
Battlegills Found near active Skull Forts and Skeleton Ships. Gubs as bait.
Wreckers Found near shipwrecks. Worms as bait.
Stormers Found in storms. Leeches as bait.
Splashtails Everywhere. No bait required.

Fishing Tips and Tricks

While fishing, always be at full alert since you could encounter skellies who will force you to abandon your line and fight. This will minimize your chances of catching fish. Therefore, try to find places that aren’t occupied by skellies.

Try to locate shipwrecks because these places are a common habitat of fish. Fishing in such areas with such wrecks can earn you multiple valuable fishes.

Moreover, fish can be sold. Cooked fish’s worth is more than raw. Furthermore, raw fish is worth more than burnt fish. Fish can be sold at sea posts to the hunters. You receive Gold as well as some EXP in exchange for good fish.

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