Sea Of Thieves Factions Guide – How Trading Companies Work, Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, Merchant Alliance

This Sea of Thieves Factions Guide will tell you all about the different factions in Sea of Thieves. Everything from their background to the kind of quests that you will be given in the game by them will be mentioned so that you know which one of the factions do you prefer to get quests from.

Sea of Thieves Factions

There are three different factions in Sea of Thieves. One of them is known as the Gold Hoarder Faction, whereas the other two are Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance.

All of them have a different story and different goals so their quests are also different from one another. Let’s go ahead and take a look at each individual faction to see how you should be tackling them and their different quests.

Factions Tips and Tricks

There are three different factions in Sea of Thieves, as of this moment. All of them behave differently than one another and they add a lot of variety to the game and its quests.

However, the fact that all of them are different means that they need to be dealt with differently as well, and that is where this Sea of Thieves Factions Guide comes in. These are the factions that will give you various different quests in Sea of Thieves.

Gold Hoarders

The first faction in the game is known as the Gold Hoarder Faction. These guys are known for their classic treasure hunting quests. They will make you track down buried treasure through various different means such as solving a riddle or going to a certain location. This faction makes you focus on the treasure and thus, they reward you with the most currency when you complete their quest.

Gold Hoarders were found by some legendary treasure hunters and the more you gain their trust, the bigger treasure hunts you will get by the gold hoarders. Riddles will make you explore the islands whereas maps will make you fend off enemies searching for the same treasures.

You will have a limitless amount of time to pursue their objectives so you can do them whenever you want. You can also purchase the gold variants of the Picaroon, Bucko, Swabble, Haufer and Buccaneer from the Gold Hoarders.

Remember that riddle missions almost always have the name of the island in the puzzles themselves. Look through the puzzles for indications of the places such as boulders or bonfires. Once you are at the specific place, you can move a specific number of steps by holding the left mouse button and moving in the direction specified using a compass.

If you have a map of the island, then just look for a similar shaped island on your large map and move towards it. Dig at the location and you will get a humming sound when you hit the plank.

For a Castaway’s Chest, you may fetch between 30-75 gold pieces. A Seafarer’s chest will get you 100-300, a Marauder’s will get you 300-500 and a Captain’s will get you 300-650. If you find the Chest of a Thousand Grogs, you will be instantly drunk and will face its full effects.

However, this nets you 700-1300 gold. Lastly, chest of sorrow will leak some water when placed on the ship and you will need to use a bucket for it. However, it will net you between 300-450 gold.

Order of Souls

These guys are much creepier than the other factions in Sea of Thieves. They are located in dark rooms at the edges of the outposts and their voyages usually send you on a quest to kill someone, or something. Their quests can range from taking out armies of skeletons to skeleton forts themselves. Their rewards can range from being as simple as gold or as rare as enchanted weapons and rare potions.

The Order of Souls have a way of extracting magic from the heads of skeletons. For this reason, they usually task you to recover skulls as they can use them to make themselves more powerful.

These skeletons may be quite easy to get to or quite difficult. Some of them will be heavily guarded and thus, you might need to work together with some other crews to get to them. Just make sure you do not get stabbed in the back.

Remember to always collect the green skull once your specific target is dead and beware of skeletons when leaving the island, as they can easily attack you and ambush you.

Merchant Alliance

From all of the Sea of Thieves Factions, Merchant Alliance is by far the most interesting. They usually task you with delivering an item to a particular location at a specific time. That means you need to first get the items from somewhere and deliver them before the time of the quest runs out. Their quests usually do not require any combat, which is what sets them apart from everyone else.

Merchant Alliance want to have a monopoly on the trade in the world. Which is why they pay people to search for special and rare cargo. Of course, many of these quests will simply want you to search for specific breeds of animals where as others will have you search for something else.

There are two different kinds of pigs and three different kinds of chickens. Make sure you get the correct type as delivering the wrong one will not net you any cash. When transporting them, remember that they will get sea sick and might start to run out of oxygen. For this reason, you will need to tend to them very carefully to ensure they do not die during your voyage.

What Are Skeleton Forts?

If you see a giant skeleton on top of an island, this means that there is special and extremely rare loot waiting for whoever gets there first. You will probably be hunting hordes of skeletons with other groups as you slowly move inside the island and try to capture that loot.

This creates a very interesting dynamic where you may or may not work together with other crews for the chance at a better reward.

This also leaves you open to betrayal towards the end of the game as other crews can take you out and vice versa. There is a lot of loot that waits for you at the end so if you have another understanding crew with yours, chances are you can find a way to dish out the loot equally and fairly.

That is all we have for our Sea of Thieves Factions Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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