Sea of Thieves Allmondbeard Error Strips Possible World Record Loot

If you've tried Sea of Thieves during its Beta then you're already familiar with all those "Beard" errors showing up. Rare has been trying to address.

If you’ve tried Sea of Thieves during its Beta then you’re already familiar with all those “Beard” errors showing up here and there. Rare has been trying to address most of them and actually they’re doing a relatively good job since then, however, there’s one issue that stays still unfixed and is causing a major uproar, the Sea of Thieves AllmondBeard error.

This error shows up when your connection to Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves servers is dropped and is a pretty nerve-wracking one. Even though Rare has tried to eliminate those Beard errors but given the instability of the game’s servers due to high demand it’s proven a difficult task.

The worst case of AllmondBeard has been spotted on Reddit where  user Daphonic has posted a mouthwatering picture of a galleon filled with 130 chests, 15 relics, 30 skulls, 8 teas, 5 spices, 5 silks, 2 sugars, 3 stronghold chests/skulls as he reveals. According to his post, this looting session may have been a world record just before it got wiped because of the AllmondBeard error.

This isn’t the only case where players are struggling with this error though. Many Reddit users have shared their own experiences with AllmondBeard with not so kind words, however, the issue is still present. Let’s hope Rare will manage to fix this soon or else players will stop giving the game slack for long.

In addition, another error, keeping players with Xbox Game Pass locked out of Sea of Thieves has emerged this evening. Players that try to access the game through the service are getting a “Do you own this game or app”message, just like they would do if they tried to access a game they don’t have.

A 20Gb update has rolled out today on Sea of Thieves with mostly performance tweaks and bug fixes. The aforementioned issues are persisting but we hope Rare will get their way around them soon.

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