Sea Of Thieves Enemies Guide – Sea Monsters, Skeletons, Humans, How To Defeat

This Sea of Thieves Enemies Guide tells you about all the threats you should avoid or face head-on as danger and perils lurk around every corner in Sea of Thieves. Our Sea of Thieves Guide serves as an information manual on the many enemies in the game.

Sea of Thieves Enemies

Sea of Thieves has creatures and human enemies trying to handicap you at every possible stage in the game. Some will try to steal that gold off of your vessel while others will just try to destroy you in the sense of evil intent. It’s not all bad though as there are some passive creatures in the game too.

They can’t be hurt nor can they inflict damage on you. These include the Bats flying in the caves, fish in water, and seagulls and parrots flying over various islands. Basically, these are just environmental objects that cannot be interacted with and are just there to add to the atmosphere and mood in the game.

Some quests will have animals like chickens, pigs, and snakes which can be captured in cages and returned to Merchant Allies for rewards. Note, however, that snakes bite you if you get too close to them.

Also, mermaids in the game are friendly creatures which will teleport you near your ship in case you get too far from it or to a new one if your old ship has sunk. In the full release of the game, there will be hostile mermaids as well, as mentioned by the developers. As for creatures which can prove to be quite a threat, we have skeletons.


Skeletons come in a variety of different classes with varying health and damage output. The most common ones are the ‘White Skeletons’ which will go down in a few hits. They may carry weapons and may even operate cannons to shoot at your ship. They will regain health by eating bananas. Just some swings of the sword will be enough for them.

The next category is the tougher one: the ‘Golden Skeletons’. These move slower relative to the white ones and are harder to dispose off. They roam around cover in gold-plated armor.

So first, you need to damage their armor buff by throwing water buckets at them. Water will cause their armor to get rusted and then you can handle these with ease. Note, however, that cannonballs take these gold skeletons out with a single strike.

Shadow Skeletons lurk in the dark or as judging by their names, in the shadows. They cannot be touched by any weapon including the cannonballs as long as they remain in the dark. Either you can wait for sunrise (come on, that sucks) or you can have someone shine a Lantern on them and then tackle them with all that you got.

The Captain Skeletons can be of any three of these types but will have increased health. They will show up in Bounty Quests and Fortress raids, distinguished by a hat on their baldhead. They will drop ‘Bounty Skulls’ which can be traded in for rewards from ‘Order of the Souls’. Otherwise, they may drop the ‘Vault Keys’ which are used for unlocking Fortress Vaults.

This was pretty much all for threats you can anticipate on ground, but since it’s also a game that takes place on sea (it’s the in title of the game, guys) you can surely expect some sort of danger underwater.

Sea Monsters

The mythical creature exists in the game. The Kraken is by far the hardest enemy to fight and also takes the longest time and more resources. This is equivalent of a ‘boss battle’. They will appear in completely mysterious locations not know beforehand.

Tentacles appear around the ship which need to be shot down. This is carried out by cannons and other ranged weapons available. Avoid getting close to these tentacles as they may get attached to a player for some time. Also, prioritize attacking tentacles which are damaging your ship. Once they are destroyed, the water turns from its dark grey color to the normal blue one.

The other sea monster in the game is the great white. Sharks are found randomly in deep oceans. They will bite off half a player’s hit bar per hit. Four or so hits from a firearm or a sword will be enough to take it down.


Of course, these remain the oldest and meanest enemies in video games: other players. Due to the online component in the game, other pirates will try to steal gold chests from your ship so they may appear at random.

They will deal huge damage to your ship and will leave you vulnerable for follow up attacks. Be fully prepared and cautious of any human players around, maybe you can flee from battle. You don’t always have to face them. Steering your ship away can help you save up on your time and resources!

That’s it for shadowy skeletons, giant aquatic monsters, and mean pirates. If we experience any other surprising or alarming threat in the game, we will update this page with more info.! Until then, you can check out our other guides on Sea of Thieves by heading to SegmentNext.

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